Dedication to Safety has Earned AHSS a Reputation for Excellence

Melbourne, Australia – Feb 11, 2019 – Safety when working at heights is a collaborative effort between those that supply the safety equipment and the individuals that use it. Australian Height Safety Services (AHSS) has earned a reputation for excellence in the safety industry with fall arrest systems, roof anchor points and height safety equipment to meet an extensive range of needs.

“At Australian Height Safety Services, we do more than just ensure regulatory compliance,” said AHSS Director, Cameron Gelly. “We are committed to protecting the safety and wellbeing of all workers and personnel that use our fall prevention systems.”

Static lines and roof safety systems are a basic safety precaution that companies can take to minimize the potential for falls. The professionals at AHSS have the experience and expertise required to determine the best system for every job and perform expert installation.

Static lines are used with a fall arrest harness to absorb the energy of a fall, distribute an individual’s weight evenly, and keep them upright should an accident occur. The nature and distribution varies according to the requirements of each project and solutions are custom created for the greatest level of safety. Static lines are combined with anchor points and can be incorporated into multiple types of comprehensive safety plans.

Australian Height Safety Services provides design and installation of roof anchor points as part of roof safety systems. Roof anchor points can be used for a single individual or as a horizontal lifeline. The devices can be installed for short-term use or as a permanent safety system feature for areas in which equipment is regularly monitored. Anchor points can be affixed to an array of surfaces without damage.

AHSS offers clients a comprehensive array of safety equipment and professional installation to accommodate a myriad of projects. Each job is different and requires the customization that the company provides. AHSS also provides different types of non-slip walkway systems and aluminum walkways that are lightweight, highly durable, and provides freedom of movement.

The company’s height safety equipment encompasses roof guardrails forsafety and fall protection on flat, contoured, and sloping surfaces. They can be combined with custom-made roof access ladders as permanent or temporary installations. The company can provide step ladders for smaller scale jobs, along with hinged or sliding roof access hatches.

Australian Height Safety Services provides consultations, installations, roof safety certifications, and recertification. The company works with the Sayfa Group to provide lanyards, slings, inertia reels and a wide range of accessories. AHSS’s attention to detail, professionalism and experience has earned the company an exemplary reputation throughout Australia.

About Australian Height Safety Services

Australian Height Safety Services was founded in 2001 by three experts in height safety and fall prevention and now operates in every state in Australia. Our team has installed thousands of fall prevention systems across a range of industries and helped over 1,000 companies achieve their height safety compliance for their premises.

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