DCAC Daniels Corporate Advisory Company Rapidly Develops Start-Up and Early Stage Companies with Proven Corporate Strategy

Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc. (OTC: DCAC) is a corporate strategy firm servicing the needs of early-stage public and private companies. From aiding in securing growth capital for down payments to implement LBO strategies for a client, to the placement of senior-level team members, DCAC aims to provide clients with unique strategies designed to accelerate growth in optimum market niches through joint-ventures, marketing opportunities, partnerships, and potential acquisitions. 

As clients are incubated as subsidiaries, DCAC world-class senior-management teams and the best go-to-market strategies are provided. Candidate companies are placed on a fast track to significant potential sales and earning power. 

DCAC finances client growth with capital raised from the sale of DCAC registered common stock until the time when the incubated company is viable, profitable, revenue-generating, and entirely self-sufficient, capable of being an independent public entity through spin-off or by other alternative means. 

  • Letter to Stockholders on Success of Payless Truckers Subsidiary

On May 20th DCAC issued a Letter to Stockholders via an 8K filing focusing on the very positive financial results being delivered from the company’s Payless Truckers subsidiary. Sales Revenue for both divisions of Payless have grown and more profitably. Truck sales were $1,682,515 and Program (rental income) trucks registered $168,660 in gross rental income. Total Revenues for the five month period are $1,874.046 and in line with the DCAC best projections based on analysis of pricing trends in the used truck auction/wholesale markets and with no additions to the current size of the DCAC rental truck fleet. 

Gross Profit was $331,496 for the five month period. Overall Gross Margin of 19.6% continues to improve in the DCAC truck sales business. Additional venues for the purchase of quality brands/ models have been found/developed in conjunction with the hiring of top mechanical professionals. DCAC also noted net earnings for Payless of $49,065 creates an EBITDA (positive cash flow measurement) of $82,883 for the five month period. 

Additionally, mention was made at this time that there are currently substantial amounts of  shares outstanding. The attractive figure that can easily let the DCAC share price rise as buying comes into the stock.  

For more information on DCAC Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc. visit: https://medium.com/@smallcap/trucking-is-essential-now-and-always-has-been-to-america-thanks-truckers-keep-on-trucking-d54c9efc085f

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