David Cahn of Blue Ridge Discusses Lean Six Sigma Ideal for Improving Supply Chains

David Cahn of Blue Ridge Discusses Lean Six Sigma Ideal for Improving Supply Chains

Blue Ridge, the leading supply chain planning and price optimization platform combining break-through demand sensing and shaping, was recently featured in Quality Digest magazine. David Cahn, head of Product Marketing at Blue Ridge, discussed how Lean Six Sigma methodology is extending to supply chain and operations to help eliminate waste and reduce variation. Using lean to eradicate waste and Six Sigma to eliminate defects by reducing process variation creates a powerful tool for continuous process improvement and a resilient supply chain. Read the full article here.

According to Cahn, “An organization’s supply chain must be agile and quickly responsive to its customers changing needs. Companies that can deliver this will create a successful supply chain. In fact, there is a tool within Six Sigma known as critical to quality (CTQ) that requires organizations to measure progress in terms that customers consider critical.”

“Lean Six Sigma helps supply chain managers ensure that every part of the process is defect-free and focused on the customer. By defining the customer base and needs early on, businesses align processes to focus on the ultimate goal: make customers happy about their investment. Supply chain performance requires a quick response to changes in supply and demand during the ups and downs of business cycles, as well as during crises. Companies with the most resilient supply chains are those that are tailored to the needs of the customer,” added Cahn.

Quality Digest magazine presents all facets of quality, including metrology, Six Sigma, lean, inspection, testing, SPC, software, and international standards. Quality Digest offers more editorial coverage of these standards than any other quality magazine or web site.

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