DataSN Soon To Launch Its Next Foundational Infrastructure For Data Sharing Across People, Organizations, Enterprises, And Governments.

DataSN is about to launch its next foundational infrastructure for data distribution across people, organizations, enterprises, and governments. The much-anticipated infrastructure will allow users to create databases and upload data to DataSN so that others can easily see, browse, search, query, and download the data or build it into websites and apps. According to the firm, they aim to collect all data on the planet and return it to the people.

DataSN, or Data Share Network, crawls, parses, and hosts all Internet data, not just raw web pages but data objects that are machine and human-readable. DataSN is more than an online scraper; it extracts, cleanses, normalizes, categorizes, and formats data.

DataSN asserts that the generated data sets are thoroughly cleansed and are ready for software consumption. They offer atomic data values that can be used immediately by even basic systems. 

DataSN data is said to be neutral in formats and unaffiliated with any proprietary application as they provide the same piece of data in whatever form imaginable, the most popular being JSON, XML, CSV, Excel, and HTML. Advanced formats, such as MySQL, MSSQL, and others, are available upon request.

According to the team of 5, to create a traversable family/network of relations or knowledge map, all DataSN data records are appropriately connected to and correlated with one another. Data are structurally standardized to decrease redundancy and to enable association, categorization, and searching.

Furthermore, DataSN crawls not just text but also all the media. Images and other media assets are meticulously collected, labeled, categorized, and associated with their respective data row(s) so that they may be searched and retrieved by information about them.

About DataSN

DataSN was founded in 2014 to create a data platform that scans all websites on the planet and re-distributes the data in any format possible, in real-time, via online API. The firm is a modest team of five young men from Xian, China, with an average age of 26, who began crawling the Internet for valuable data in 2009. Data-Planet and Usable Databases are two of their early database distribution sites, with over 3,000 customers.

They put together some of the best data sets the world has ever seen, working with top clients such as Amazon,, KPMG,, the University of Michigan, the University of Georgia, and many others.

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