Darels’ Health to Highlight Issues Surrounding Diabetics and Medical Expenses

Operator Looking to Contact Possible Medical Debtors for Resolution Needs

Blacksburg, VA – November 23, 2017 – Darel Long established the Darel’s Health website as a place where medical collectors can contact him as a means of contact resolution. This comes as he has racked up a substantial amount of medical debt as a result of his treatments for his diabetes.

The website was established to make it easier for medical collectors to reach Darel Long. He is planning on listing information on all his medical treatments.

Information on medical debts is expected to be addressed in the middle part of December 2017. The overall plan is to settled all medical debt by Oct 6, 2018.

The site is located at DarelsHealth.com. He discusses on his site the general struggles that he has dealt with over the years as a diabetic. These include many treatment needs that he has had for managing some effects regarding his condition. He has even been in a diabetic coma and even managed to avoid a partial toe amputation.

Long is hoping that his page will help get collectors to get in touch with him to help with getting his debts resolved. In the future He will list a timeline of events on his site to help collectors recognize what he is aiming to pay off and how we will be doing so.

Long does acknowledge that he wants to address on his site how insurance companies often see people with diabetes differently from others. He is hoping to resolve the issues that he has developed in the future with proper help.

The settlement of the medical debt Long will be considered after payment in exchange for the removal of vacated public records. This is to especially to helpful to Long unravel a harsh financial past.

The website is available at DarelsHealth.com and will be updated monthly. Details on Long’s health and his ongoing medical concerns related to his diabetes are expected to be on the site in the near future.

Late December 20107, Long will establish an L.L.C. also Darel’s Health to provide proper settlement.  

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