Creative Diagnostics Introduces Innovative Wnt Signaling Pathway for Researchers

Creative Diagnostics, a global leading developer and supplier of biological materials and resources, is proud to announce the introduction of Wnt Signaling Pathway for molecular biology applications. These new Wnt signaling pathway products can provide the worldwide scientific community and groups with new research and development tools for addressing challenges in applied work.

The term “Wnt” is derived from the terms wingless and int. The Int oncogenes, including Int1, were first identified in the mouse mammary tumor. In 1987, investigators sequenced wingless in Drosophila and found it was the homolog of int-1. Thus, the int/Wingless family became the Wnt family and int1 became Wnt1. The name Wnt is a portmanteau of int and Wg and stands for “Wingless-related integration site”. Wnts are secreted factors that regulate cell growth, motility, and diļ¬€erentiation during embryonic development. Wnts act in a paracrine fashion by activating diverse signaling cascades inside the target cells.

The Wnt signaling pathway is a conserved pathway. The Wnt family of signaling proteins participates in multiple developmental events during embryogenesis and has also been implicated in adult tissue homeostasis. Wnt signals are pleiotropic, with effects that include mitogenic stimulation, cell fate speciļ¬cation, and differentiation. It is an ancient and evolutionarily conserved pathway that regulates crucial aspects of cell fate determination, cell migration, cell polarity, neural patterning and organogenesis during embryonic development. The Wnts are secreted glycoproteins and comprise a large family of nineteen proteins in humans hinting to a daunting complexity of signaling regulation, function and biological output.

“To support the scientific research community, Creative Diagnostics continues to develop a broad range of innovative solutions that meet today’s research challenges. Our Wnt signaling pathways provide scientists a great opportunity to explore more innovations in life science research.” – Dr. Jessica Waldorf, chief scientific officer of R&D department of Creative Diagnostics.

“Together with our ELISAs, antibodies, assays, and other biological materials, we hope to provide researchers with an excellent cross-section of scientific relevant Wnt signaling pathway products and services. We always focus on bringing high performance and cost-effective solutions to the life science market, and we’re particularly excited to expand our product portfolio, which allow us to support advancements in biotech industry,” stated Dr. Randy S. Vaughn, senior researcher, Creative Diagnostics.

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