Creative Biolabs Releases Vaccine Adjuvant Synthesis and Optimization Services

New York – February 27, 2019 – As a leading vaccine service provider, Creative Biolabs has been dedicated to offering as much as comprehensive vaccine services to cover all specific needs of clients around the globe. Recently, Creative Biolabs releases brand new vaccine adjuvant synthesis and optimization Services.

What is an adjuvant?

As an immunological agent added to vaccines for modifying the immune response, adjuvants enhance the ability of antigens by boosting it to give a higher amount of antibody and a longer-lasting protection, help absorb the antigen presenting cells antigen, support the production of cytokines and activate llymphocytes and macrophages, thus minimizing the amount of injected foreign material. For a superior performance of adjuvants in vaccines, Creative Biolabs offers a full range of Custom Adjuvant Synthesis services and PRR Ligands Scanning for vaccine adjuvantation to meet different customer’s demand.

“Although modern vaccines are highly purified and enable more precise targeting of immune response, such subunit vaccines are poorly immunogenic proteins, including feeble, short-lived immune responses. That’s why we provide custom immunoadjuvant synthesis services to potentiate the activity of modern subunit vaccines based on molecular antigens, including Aluminum, Oil Adjuvant, Bacterial products, ISCOMS and more,” said a scientist from Creative Biolabs.

“As for PRR Ligands Scanning services, pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) are proteins expressed by cells of the innate immune system, of which the activators, such as TLR agonists, can improve the immunogenicity of a given vaccine. Besides, PRR agonists can be used as an alternative to prophylactic or therapeutic agents to combat infectious diseases. Up to now, only several PRRs have been identified, including Toll-like receptors (TLRs), Nucleotide binding oligomerization domain NOD-like receptors (NLRs), C-type lectin receptors (CLRs), Retinoic acid-inducible gene I (RIG-I)-like receptors (RLRs) and Cytoplasmic DNA sensors (CDSs). Our PRR Ligands Scanning services can help to explore and identify potent inhibitors or activators of infectious diseases-related innate immune signaling pathways.”

To achieve an ideal adjuvant, scientists from Creative Biolabs, who are committed to providing the best adjuvant optimization advice, will take different factors into consideration when choosing the right adjuvant, including the type of antigens, the type of animal to be immunized, the route of immunization, and possible side effects. If you need professional advice on vaccine development services, please visit

About Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs, headquartered in New York, is a leading custom service provider in the field of vaccine development, preclinical assessment and GMP manufacturing. The technical and regulatory experts can provide vaccine developers with a full range of products and vaccine-related services. Traditional and the most updated genetic engineering technologies are combined to efficiently produce highly immunogenic and safe vaccines to address emergency unmet medical needs. The service portfolio includes a full range of vaccine design for client’s specific requirements that covers vaccine target validation, vaccines targeting bacterial, viral, fungal, parasites, cancer markers and more. Formulation optimization services are also available for maximum potency, including improving delivery systems, a great variety of adjuvant products and services like PRR Ligands scanning and adjuvants synthesis.

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