Creative Biolabs Provides Highly Pure Antibodies for Breast Cancer Research

New York, December 18th, 2018 — As a world leading antibody provider company, Creative Biolabs recently introduced high-quality anti EGFR antibody and c-Myc antibody for the treatment of breast cancers.

Anti-EGFR antibodies from Creative Biolabs have cross reactivity with multiple EGFR proteins developed from human, mouse, rat, rabbit, dog, monkey, horse. This recombinant antibody brings forth a powerful signal in western blot using A431 lysate that naturally overexpresses the EGFR protein. The immunogens for the anti-EGFR antibodies are multiple synthetic peptides within different human EGFR domains. The receptor tyrosine kinase of the EGF family binds to a ligand and activates a plurality of signal cascades, converting the extracellular signal into a suitable cell response.

As a recombinant mouse antibody that can identify humanized c-Myc, c-Myc antibody plays a significant role in the research of epigenetics and nuclear signals, stem cell signaling pathways, cancer cell cycle and tumor biomarkers. This antibody, applicable for WB, ELISA and FC, is equipped with a 62 kDa transcription factor as the protein encoded by the c-Myc gene on human chromosome 8q24. c-Myc is essential for angiogenesis in tumor development to distribute blood throughout the cells.

“EGFR and c-Myc are the most common targets that matter in tumor signaling pathway of breast cancer, mainly including RTK pathway, Notch pathway, Wnt pathway, estrogen pathway. Our products, EGFR antibody and c-Myc antibody, are equipped with the highest specificity and reproducibility to ensure 100% performance in practice, which can greatly assist researchers with the study of signaling pathway”, said a scientist engaged in Creative Biolabs.

By utilizing the advanced antibody research tools, professional technical support, and rapid global delivery, Creative Biolabs can provide a variety of antibodies with quality assurance applied to numerous areas for scientific research workers and customers in the industrial field. Please visit to find the exact antibody you need.


About Creative Biolabs

Since 2004, Creative Biolabs has been dedicated to providing high-quality services to the academic and life sciences worldwide. In the past decade, Creative Biolabs become the leader in the discovery and manufacture of recombinant antibodies. A custom-service-centered business model is crucial for optimizing the drug development process, leveraging accessible resources, and gathering a team from various backgrounds to conduct drug discovery projects in the future. As the preferred supplier for global customers, scientists in Creative Biolabs are confident to provide customers with first-class services covering a full range of applications.

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