Creative Bioarray Released A Series of Products on Keratinocyte

April 18, 2017, as a leading and efficient supplier in cell products, Creative Bioarray released a series of products on keratinocyte, which is the predominant cell type in the epidermis. The most important items of this development are keratinocyte cell and keratinocyte growth medium supplement.

Keratinocyte cell

In this field, the cells mainly represent the mouse keratinocyte stem cells in Creative Bioarray. The main function of the keratinocyte cell is pomoting the formation of a barrier against environmental damage by pathogentic bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, water loss and so on. In addition to these functions, the migration of keratinocytes serves well in wound healing. It will fill in the gap created by wound by migrating with a rolling motion during the process of wound healing.

Besides the keratinocyte mentioned above, Creative Bioarray also developed keratinocyte growth medium supplement, which is also important in this field. The so-called supercult keratinocyte growth medium Kit-CD in Creative Bioarray is the only medium of this kind on the market today. It also functions well on a variety of applications, including skin research, wound healing and dermal disorders. The basal medium, supplement kit and the medium kit are also as useful as other media products.

In Creative Bioarray, keratinocyte growth medium kit-CD is designed to support growth and proliferation of both adult and neonatal primary human dermal keratinocytes with excellent scientists’ help. That’s why this complete, optimized media system from Creative Bioarray is so popular among clients since its development.

“These newly-developed products on keratinocyte cells might be a great progress for Creative Bioarray in cell biology fields. In the near future, we decide to develop more products for our clients to meet their all kinds of demands in cell biology,” said Dr. Willson, senior scientific officer.

Creative Bioarray with good fame among cell biology field has contributed a lot to researchers’ and scientists’ studies. With advanced equipment and technologies, scientists in Creative Bioarray can develop high-quality products and services. 

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