COVID-19 At-Home Self-Testing Endeavors to Flatten the Curve and Reduce the Reproduction (R) Number

COVID-19 At-Home Self-Testing Endeavors to Flatten the Curve and Reduce the Reproduction (R) Number

RapidDefend Coronavirus Rapid Home Test Kit – Whole Blood

DE, USA – Mar 23, 2020 – Will at-home testing be the panacea to this global pandemic? Yes, says RapidDefend, which has embarked on an ambitious endeavor to supply COVID-19 whole blood test kits to home users all over the world. Employing a direct to consumer model, RapidDefend are on track to fulfil their mission of empowering individuals to proactively take control of their health without placing unnecessary burden on already stressed health care systems. RapidDefend believe that if more people are tested sooner, and appropriate isolation strategies are employed, the curve can be flattened and the reproduction number (R) reduced, significantly.

“Simply said, we’ve spent countless hours and invested enormous resources to pioneer speed, accuracy and ease of use. The end product is Coronavirus Rapid Home Test Kit – Whole Blood – an affordable at-home test kit that delivers accurate results in 15 minutes without relying on public systems or third-party providers to administer and interpret. It’s peace of mind on your fingertip”, says Chris Taylor, Director of Marketing at RapidDefend. “The fact is, confirmed cases represent a low single digit percentage of administered tests. What this means, is that more than 90% of all tests are not only negative, they’re consuming finite resources that can, and should be, reserved for those who truly need them. Worse still, only a fraction of the population is being tested. It’s a tragedy!”

With the prick of a fingertip and a small drop of blood, results and peace of mind are available in minutes, not hours or days. Using colloidal gold immunochromatography to qualitatively detect COVID-19 (Sars-Cov-2) IgM and/or IgG antibodies, indication of both current and previous infection can be provided with 98% accuracy. From the comfort of their own homes, with complete privacy and discretion a home user can self-administer the test before seeking medical attention.

“With consumers on board, all we need now is for their governments to follow suite and advocate the use and distribution of at-home testing. It’s time that the responsibility and burden of COVID-19 testing is shared among the people instead of being centralized and confined to a system and bureaucracy that’s already unable to manage,” adds Chris Taylor. “Furthermore, survey respondents tell us that a self-administered fingertip prick is far more tolerable than having a stick put up their nose – an experience many describe as “painful, invasive and uncomfortable, with questionable accuracy.”

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