Cosmedique – A New Breakthrough Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Has Finally Been Released For Sale After Years of Scientific Research and Development

Zurich, Switzerland – After years of rumors throughout the cosmetic industry a revolutionary new skin care treatment called Cosmedique – Ultra Concentrated Skin Rejuvenation has officially been released for sale exclusively through the company’s official web site.

The reason for all of the buzz around this product’s release is due to the many years of scientific research and development designed to create the ultimate anti-aging solution for both men and women.

The developers of Cosmedique say that their goal is to provide a safe and affordable solution to having expensive Face Lift or Laser Cosmetic Surgery in an easy to apply and luxurious feeling cream that can be applied and the benefits immediately felt within moments of first applying it to the skin.

They also say that this one product will replace up to 4 different skin creams as this all-in-one treatment will eliminate and prevent wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, reduce age lines under your eyes and deeply moisturize the pours of your skin.

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Powered by the World’s Most Luxurious and Effective Skin Revitalizing Properties

Cosmedique is a complete formulation of many different skin healing ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, retinol, DMAE, Vitamins A, C and E, natural proteins, ceramide, and the key ingredient – a revolutionary new formula that stimulates stem cell multiplication.

Each ingredient is molecularly engineered to be as small as possible, so it gets through to every layer of the skin.

The scientists behind this  advanced skin care formula say that Cosmedique attacks the root causes of aging and is packed with powerful, yet gentle skin healing essentials that:

•    Are Rich With Moisturizing Nutrients That Keep Your Skin Soft…
•    Leaves Your Skin Feeling Noticeably Tighter and Smooth…
•    Instantly Conceals and Begins To Heal Even The Worst Skin Damage…
•    Immediately Begins To Reverse The Aging Process On It’s Very First Application.

About Cosmedique: 

Cosmedique – Ultra Concentrated Skin Rejuvenation is founded on sustainable principles to provide the highest quality natural and effective anti-aging skin care solution available anywhere.

Whether your primary worry is the look of aging on your skin, sagging skin; dry skin, sensitive skin; lack of elasticity or discoloration or even an occasional breakout of acne… Cosmedique – Ultra Concentrated Skin  Rejuvenation says it has power to cure all of your skin quality concerns once and for all.

For a limited time as part of their launch you can take advantage of a Risk Free Trial of Cosmedique By Clicking Here Now so that you can test out the claims for yourself.

Contact Info:

Robert Pascoe
Public Relations for Cosmedique, Inc.
Phone: 727-269-1121

Media Contact
Company Name: Cosmedique, Inc.
Contact Person: Robert Pascoe
Phone: 727-269-1121
State: Zurich
Country: Switzerland