Corporate Security Platform Introduces New Innovative Tools and Resources to the Security Market

Sidcon is pleased to introduce a wide range of resources for suppliers and digital transformation market participants.

Corporate security platform, Sidcon seems to have raised the bar in the cybersecurity and digital transformation market with the launch of an all-inclusive online platform and the subsequent introduction of a plethora of products and resources. Described as an “online exhibition in the field of corporate security,” the platform is designed to facilitate the promotion of suppliers of security and digital transformation products in the market, irrespective of time or location.

A Statista report revealed steady growth in the global cybersecurity market size, increasing from $83 billion in 2016 to $139 billion in 2021. The phenomenon is attributed to growing awareness of data risks and threats as well as the increasing internet penetration worldwide. However, market participants, professionals, and other stakeholders in the industry still struggle to meet their needs. Consequently, Corporate Security Platform is changing the narrative as a user-friendly educational and system online security platform.

Corporate Security Platform is divided into corporate security, cybersecurity and digital transformation, with features such as online courses, events of various formats, and placement in the online store. The exhibition section enables a permanent online exhibition of security and digital transformation products providers, with the educational aspect featuring online courses, webinars, lectures, and other similar resources. Corporate Security Platform is creating an avenue for service providers to connect with clients and partners as well as engage in direct communication with market participants, enabling them to enter foreign sales markets and establish contacts globally.

The all-in-one platform allows users to get familiar with modern technologies in the field of security and digital business transformation, enabling the participation of suppliers, consumers, specialists in need of additional education, and experts willing to share their knowledge.

For further information about Corporate Security Platform and the several features and functionalities of the platform, visit – Corporate Security Platform can also be found across social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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