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The coronavirus pandemic is bringing the world to its knees and one of the best weapons to fight it is information. This platform offer updates and reliable information, anyone around the world can access and use

Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. In the past few weeks, hundreds of thousands have been infected and thousands of deaths have been recorded so far. One of the best ways to keep safe is by getting updated information, in a locality and around the world. is an online platform providing current and updated information about the pandemic around the world. The site is updated in minutes, and the information here is derived from high quality and reliable sources.

This live update with overall statistics makes it very easy for anyone to find information about COVID-19 from around the world.

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Coronavirus ravaging the world right now makes health concerns for everyone very important. Some countries are overwhelmed while others are just getting their first case; it seems no one is safe.

However, it does a lot of good if there is a place where updated information can be found. That is where comes in very handy. The site offers the updated and latest information about the coronavirus pandemic.

What makes it very useful is that it provides a single page where very useful stats are displayed, so that the user doesn’t need to work too hard to find what they’re looking for.

There is a quick world stats section that shows cases, recovered, and death all over the world. Below is a map that shows the whole world at a glance, to see where there are cases and where is free.

Users can also find detailed and current information on active cases, with current conditions and dangerous conditions, as well as all closed cases. The COVID-19 cases by country are available for everyone to find information based on what is happening in countries around the world. The table, which is presented in a neat format, includes country names, cases, new cases, deaths, new deaths, recovered, active, and critical.

The site also provides the latest coronavirus news across the world and a section for comments, where anyone can participate in the conversation. Users can also download the platform as an app to use on their mobile devices.

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