Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab Services Mean That Freedom from Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction can be one of the most damaging things that can happen to someone, and with extensive damage that can be caused to the individual as well as their family and friends, the important of quality rehabilitation (rehab) services is vitally important.

Many people who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction problems will attend a residential clinic for a short period of time, and then attend outpatient services in order to finalise their full return to society.

“Clients who attend the outpatient services at our Toronto clinic will have the perfect completion of their treatment program” stated a spokesperson.

“Having successfully completed their residential program with us, clients will spend some time attending our outpatient counselling service. Four one-hour sessions will be available and will be a one-to-one session with either one of our experienced psychotherapist or their primary counsellor during their residential stay”.

“These sessions” continued the spokesperson “are a vital transitional step that prepare the client for their return to society, helping them to identify the challenges that they will face on the outside, as well as putting in place specific, personalised strategies that will help them to be at their best. The outpatient program recognises that recovery is lifelong and does not stop when the residential program is completed”.

“The approach to these outpatient sessions is a holistic one, looking at the client’s life and situation from a bio-psycho-social perspective. This client-centered approach, governed by the client-centered values that the clinic follows in all of its business, means that clients can look at issues such as anger management, assertiveness training, relationships and improving emotional intelligence” continued the spokesperson.

“As well as being available to those who have completed our inpatient services” continued the spokesperson “our outpatient services are also available for those who have not attended our residential program, but who feel that they need extra help in navigating a route through to sobriety and social integration.”

The program is also offered to individuals who may have other addictions, such as addictions to pornography, video games, the Internet, or shopping.”

“Our comprehensive outpatient rehab services mean that freedom from addiction is available to everyone”.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto is a residential facility providing a combination of residential and outpatient services for individuals with drug or alcohol problems. The clinic, based in a peaceful neighbourhood in North Toronto, provides a safe space for drug and alcohol rehabilitation set in beautiful grounds to give the perfect location to reconstruct damaged lives.

Addiction Rehab Toronto operates with a number of client-centred values, putting the client first with services provided by a wide range of mental health and addiction professionals, wellness coaches, psychotherapists, and a specialised healthcare team.

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