Colombian engineer setting standard for solar energy in the Americas

By: Jhovanna Castro

Miami, FL – The Colombian electrical engineer, José Alejandro Jiménez, has become one of the most prominent leaders in the solar energy industry on the American continent. His various white paper investigations and solar panel farms propping up all over South and North America, has garnered him the recognition as the leader of solar energy.

In 2019, he presented a paper titled “Economic Evaluation of a Photovoltaic System with Batteries Under Different Scenarios and Tariff Models”, for the University of Los Andes located in Colombia. His investigations and proposals were quickly lauded not only from academia but also the corporate community.  In that paper, the engineer explored the implementation that makes up a microgrid with solar panels and batteries as an efficient and profitable solution for Colombians. His research revealed that, if a certain threshold of electricity generation through solar panels is exceeded, people can generate a surplus of energy that can be sold through the electricity market, resulting in very significant economic savings in billing.

Since then, Jiménez has put his research to work having created solar panel hubs across Colombia under his brand Energia y Gas de Colombia and Energeticos SAS. In just five years Jimenez has reported over $90 million in revenue mostly from the sale of electricity to neighboring countries.

Recently, Jimenez was invited as keynote speaker to the, XXV ANDESCO Conference (National Association of Public Services and Communications Companies) one of the most important congresses in the energy sector.

Jose’s speech was attended by the CEO’s of every major energy company from Latin America including Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. They all want to understand Jose’s success in order to partner with him or to beat him,” shared humorously ANDESCO president Camilo Sánchez.

Jimenez has his sight set on Central America and the United States for his next frontier of solar energy production.

In January he announced an interesting partnership with Honduras based Servicentro El Porvenir S.A.S a major oil distribution company led by Xenia Croasdaile.

“In Central America we are a long way from relying solely on solar energy, but we do have the land and the climate to produce and sell it which is why working with Mr. Jimenez is such a great opportunity for all involved,” says Croassaile. Croasdaile dominates various sectors in Central America including oil and gas, real estate, and hospitality.

In the US, Jimenez has already begun setting the groundwork for acquiring solar panel farms and contracts with energy giants such as PSEG. Jimenez has been often called the Elon Musk of South America due to his versatile portfolio of businesses and daring approach to disrupting industries.

To the US Jimenez is importing his Colombian work ethic and best practices useful in many rural towns of America.

“What Jimenez is doing is using concepts and virtues of the developing world to teach and help major developed countries move forward with the renewable energy,” concluded Croasdaile.

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