Cobot Intel Offers Extensive Portfolio of Gripping Solutions

Cobot Intelligence’s Plethora of Collaborative Arm Accessories Make Work Faster & Safer.

To make cobots more precise and safer than before, Cobot Intel includes in their portfolio a surfeit of gripper options applicable in virtually every industry.

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Cobots have exploded into demand in the past few years. Collaborative Robots are easy to install, safe to use, and work in tandem with human workers. Cobots are most often collaborative robot arms. These arms require grippers to perform a task or action.

The kind of gripper placed at the end of the cobot controls the operation conducted by it. To pick a metal sheet, the cobot requires a different gripper as compared to picking up a bag of dog food. Choosing the right gripper requires selecting the appropriate gripper for and the ideal finger/ suction cup for the chore.


With the advancement in technology of end effectors, the market has a surfeit of Grippers suitable for varied tasks. Cobot Intelligence Inc. offers all of them to their clients to make business operations faster, safer, and more accurate.
When asked about the types of Grippers they deliver, a spokesperson of the company said, “We offer a variety of styles such as Parallel and 3 Finger. Not just that we even cater to a range of power options starting from electrochemical and ending with pneumatic. One of the more popular grippers we provide is the GRIP KIT Series. They are used for manipulation and handling operations because the grippers are highly sensitive. GRIP KIT modules come in two versions – the smart pneumatic and the servo-electric. Both can be programmed to match the handling task with ease.”

Weiss Robotics is just one end effector manufacturer of the many that Cobot Intelligence has partnered with to provide state-of-the-art solutions to its clients. They are also certified distribution partners of Zimmer Group, on Robot and Robotiq. From Zimmer’s catalog, they offer the HRC Grippers which come with self-locking mechanism, entirely flexible jaw positioning and 360-degree LED status indicator.  Besides the extensive portfolio of Collaborative arm grippers, the company also aid in selecting the right tool for the required automation process.

Speaking further on types of grippers, the representative of the firm says, “All our grippers are robust, modular, intelligent and precise. Moreover, they are sensitive, which makes them utterly reliable and safe. For example, our Adaptive Grippers are ideal for tasks that necessitate part validation, position feedback, or part detection. They are mostly used in precision assembly lines. The RG Grippers, on the other hand, are mostly utilized for packaging, machine tending, and palletizing. Both kinds are easy to automate and efficient.”

Cobot Intelligence ensures that the time taken to install and program the gripper is as low as possible to reduce deployment time. Furthermore, the quick turnaround presents a cost-effective solution to industries. The grippers itself bring a higher ROI. To ease the process, Cobot Intelligence’s expert technical team assists in selecting the right option from electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic grippers.

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Distributors, trainers, and servicers of Collaborative Robots, Cobot Intelligence Inc., caters to commercial and industrial clients in Canada and the United States. Each cobot product offers a smart-simple-safe solution to the requirement of clients. Their product portfolio includes cobots like the Techman Robot (TM Robot). In addition, they also provide cobot accessories and factory-certified technical support that helps train staff and guide them through the implementation process.

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