\’City of God\’ Star Leandro Firmino from Coldblooded Lil Ze to Tribe Leader in Rodrigo Rodrigues Spiritual Drama \’Goitaca\’

The City of God star, known for his portrayal of Lil’ Ze in academy award nominated hit film of the same name is set to star in Rodrigo Rodrigues’s Adventure Drama ‘Goitaca’.

An adventure drama, based on an indigenous tribe, the Goytacas, during the 16. Century, with filming taking place in London and Brasil. The film tells the story of two divergent indigenous tribes, the Goitacas and an unknown tribe who embarks on a journey to find new lands to live in peacefully.

Firmino says: “It’s been a very spiritual experience to work with director Rodrigo Rodrigues, who wrote the screenplay. The story transcends throughout various cultures which is different to the time I’ve worked in ‘City of God’ with Fernando Meirelles. Both directors have a unique strength of portraying human relations. In ‘Goitaca’ there is a more spiritual approach present whilst ‘City of God’ focuses on a modern world situation which captured the zeitgeist of its environment very well. Both experiences were beautiful yet different and had a strong impact on my life.”

‘City of God’ approached the reality of the favelas, a strong social reality of the past and present in my country.

The film served as a wake up call to the world and was important to be disclosed to the public eye. It was visually and storywise very strong and has been executed with Meirelles’s incredible vision whilst it opened the doors of Brazilian cinema to the world.”

Rodrigo Rodrigues’s approach to the film, as the name Goitaca discloses, an indigenous tribe who lived during the 16. century, is more spiritual with delicate beliefs, rituals and cultures and uses different art forms in the film whilst when compared with ‘City of God’ is very strong in its own way. I’m happy to be a part of this production and for me the spiritual approach in ‘Goitaca’ signifies an important element of what is needed in todays society.”

Further cast announcements are Mario Babic, the Brazilian soup icon Lady Francisco, Brazilian soup actor Luciano Szafir and Christianne Oliveira, best known for her role as Chitza in Chocolat alongside Johnny Depp

Luciano Szafir says: “It has been a delightful experience to work with Rodrigo Rodrigues. He is a passionate director who pays a lot of attention to details wich I respect a lot about film makers. He has built all sets and costumes during pre-production and made sure that only recycled materials are being used for the film besides having created a script I am drawn to for its message to the world and its authenticity.”

Due to the fact that so little is known about the Goytacas who have been best known for their extraordinary hunting abilities amongst other tribes, Mario Babic, who will portray the role of Candea in the film, decided to fly into the amazonian rainforest to locate and live with indigenous tribes for a month before attending filming for ‘Goitaca’.

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