Chris Ray Offers Guide to Lasting Happiness in The Book ‘Happy Has Always Been the Plan’

Chris Ray Offers Guide to Lasting Happiness in The Book ‘Happy Has Always Been the Plan’

Carmel, Indiana – March 12, 2021 – Christian businessman, salesman and investor, Chris Ray, has offered insights from personal experiences on how to attain true happiness in his book, Happy Has Always Been the Plan.

How do you find lasting happiness in a complex world filled with conflicting choices and emotions? Why are people so miserable and angry? God gave mankind everything it needed to be happy, what happened? How can this world be so far off the original plan? Why are families broken? These and other puzzling questions are answered by Ray in this inspirational book.

Chris Ray was looking to kill himself at age 28. He was living alone with fear of everything. With nowhere else to go, he turned to a God he did not know but hoped was there. Chris’s relationship with God made him realize that He speaks to everyone, not just the clergy. He discovered that the Bible, though written over 2000 years ago, has all the information humans need to be happy.

Today, he is a husband, father and grandfather, living happily in his community in Carmel, Indiana.

“40 years ago, I asked God to show me who he was. He has never stopped showing me. Had I asked for the best life I could think of, I would have shortchanged myself,” said Chris Ray. “The life I have is better than anything I could have hoped for. God’s plan is the adventure of a lifetime. Every day is an adventure. What a way to live!” He added.

Happy Has Always Been the Plan is for Christians, people who want to be happy, and people who wonder why they are here. It is also for people who may have lost hope in finding happiness, encouraging them to take the bold step and connect with the true source of lasting happiness.

This book is also for the regular person who has no special abilities or fame. It was written by a regular person, from the perspective of a personal experience. Chris is not a clergy or professional teacher or even a major scholar, but a businessman intent on sharing valuable lessons he has learned in life.

God’s plan is for us all to be happy. People have varied reasons that they are not happy, such as: if I had more money, if I had a different boss, if my wife would only, if my friend had only… etc. These regrets seem to rule people’s lives. This book points out that everyone has everything they need. There are no victims,” Ray explained.

Since relationships are key, Happy Has Always Been the Plan also contains a verse by verse commentary of Song Of Solomon.

Chris Ray is the author of the “God wrote it to you” series. To learn more about Chris Ray, visit the Chris Ray website. 

For more information about the book, visit the Amazon book link, or any of the author’s social media links: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr


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