Chornobyl Virtual reality documentary will give a never seen before view of the Chernobyl disaster

Chornobyl360 is the newly launched project on Kickstarter that is aimed to create a virtual reality documentary to give the viewers a never seen before view of the catastrophic nuclear disaster of 1986. The disaster that occurred on 26th April 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant in the town of Pripyat, Ukraine left a lot of radioactive particles into the atmosphere spread over a wide area of western USSR and Europe.

One of the worst nuclear accidents in the history of mankind was classified as a level 7 event and eventually involved 0.5 million workers and soldiers. Over the years, it consumed hundreds of people who succumbed to cancer caused by the nuclear explosion. The area remains uninhibited as it is still polluted by radiation. Now with the release of this documentary, people across the world will get to know more about the nuclear disaster that took place more than 25 years ago while also have a closer view of the area which is now a wasteland.

The documentary is being created by a group of talented artists, IT professionals, and engineers who are using the advanced VR technology after managing to access and film one of the most restricted locations of Chornobyl Exclusion zone. The film is aimed to reflect the after effects of the tragedy and the true face of human ambitions gone wrong.

Although there has been a number of documentaries and fiction movies based on the Chornobyl disaster that explores the events of the incident and lives lost in that but none of them shows the after affects it has put on the lives of people. The film Chornobyl360 is aimed to do just that and explore the current situation of the zone. The team has used 360-degree virtual reality technology to shoot which will allow the audiences to see the vulnerable area with a whole new perspective. The viewers will feel like explorers while watching the documentary.

The Chornobyl360 is an unmatched opportunity for everyone to see the present situation of the wasteland which otherwise they can’t explore without exposing them to health risks. The interactive documentary will be available as an app for all vR headsets and smartphones including Samsung gear VR, oculus, Google Cardboard and other platforms.

The Chornobyl 360 documentary will provide a realistic view of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, High-radiation contaminated areas, Exclusion Zone, The Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, The reactor chamber and much more. The funding goal of $30,000 will help the team to make this documentary a reality. The backers can also get many rewards for contributing to the Kickstarter campaign.

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