ChnLove Discovery – The Older the Wiser: Age Gap Not a Problem for Chinese Women

Times are changing. Now modern Chinese women are progressively escaping the traditional view of marriage.

Age gap has always received mixed opinions, wherever you are in the world. Many people will not consider those who are a lot older than themselves for their life partners. But this is not the case for some. Christy Chung and Alyssa Chia, Chinese renowned actresses, have recently announced their relationships with men with age gaps of 12 and 9 years respectively, and that’s not all. Their partners are both younger. Times are changing.

This proves a point. In the past, many would not even accept relationships with huge age gaps, let alone those in which the man is younger than the woman. But now modern Chinese women are progressively escaping the traditional view of marriage. They are no longer as conservative as they were in past when choosing a life partner, are more willing to accept modern trends, and will not restrict themselves to potential partners just because of their age.

Naturally, women prefer older men however. The older the wiser. They feel secure because older men are normally more mature, know what they want in life, have a steady career, and so on. Women don’t need to worry as they know they will be looked after. Women also mature earlier than men.

Take Psy (Gangnam Style) and Brad Pitt for example. Girls love them because there’s something about them – charm. But not all older men appeal to young girls. To meet their criteria, older men should have the following traits:
-A symbolic mature beard
-A clear expression in the eyes and well-groomed
-A strong, well-built body, or at least fit
-Open, humorous and talkative
-Unique principles in life
-Direct (but not too direct) with a dynamic and deep voice
-Good at a particular sport
-Sense of justice and dedicated

“More than half of our female members look for older men, of which half of these women prefer men who are at least 10 years older than themselves,” the Marketing Director of, an online international dating platform, states. “According to a survey, the main reason they gave was because older men can give them the security they need, which they normally can’t find in younger men.” However, to find the right partner, the key is to write an eye-catching and unique profile, which should include the points mentioned above. Besides, know more about Chinese women as well as Chinese cultures and customs. Stayed connected with Chnlove Official Facebook Page, and then dig as many techniques in successfully dating Chinese girl as possible.

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