Chinhan FNB Co., Ltd, K-Sausage, Moves Beyond Korea To the World

Chinhan FNB Co., Ltd (CEO Jeong Seung-gwan), located in Imsil-gun, Jeollabuk-do, a region famous for cheese production in Korea, is accelerating its entrance into the global market.

Chinhan FNB Co., Ltd is a specialized company with unrivaled technology in Korea’s meat processing industry. It won the most medals in Asia (17 medals) at the ‘2019 IFFA German Meat Processing Fair,’ the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Award, and the Minister of SMEs and Startups Award, demonstrating its technological prowess as a recognized company.

Chinhan FNB Co., Ltd produces sausages, hamburger steaks, and chicken breast products under the brand, Imsil N Cheese. In particular, by mainly using local agricultural products, it is contributing to boosting the local economy by revitalizing local farms and expanding employment of local residents.

In recognition of these contributions, Chinhan F&B received a commendation from the Governor of Jeollabuk-do last December 6th, and is in the process of signing a sales contract for a new brand, Midmill Co., Ltd and Chinhan FNB Co., Ltd in the 2nd Agricultural Industrial Complex in Osu, Imsil-gun.

Last July, it participated in the ‘2023 FDA ASIA Conference’ hosted by FDA ASIA LLC and won the FDA Acquisition Excellent Company. It is making preparations to not only produce Korean sausage products domestically but also export and spread them overseas.

Chinhan FNB Co., Ltd stated, “We are continuously conducting research and development to ensure that sausages produced with Korean technology have taste and quality that are not inferior to those of sausages overseas so that they are not only consumed in Korea. Also, we will do our best to gain recognition even overseas through our technology certified by Korea.”

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