Celebrity Photographer Set To Dazzle Dubai With His Services

Celebrity Photographer Set To Dazzle Dubai With His Services

April 26, 2021 – Thanks to his exceptional photography skills, celebrity photographer, Mykyta Poluliakh has now worked his way up to the world’s most luxurious city, Dubai, where he will be offering his services. Since he started professional photography years ago, Mykyta has amassed a long list of happy clients including celebrities, luxury travelers, nomads, professionals, and even serious-minded entrepreneurs.

With his beautiful wife, Olena, whom he has described as his muse, Mykyta sees no reason why his life and career in Dubai would be anything but delightful. His journey through life has seen him trod through many different countries, an event that has contributed immensely to his expertise as a well-rounded photographer. His photo editing skills are just as good as his capability with a camera. Some of his best works feature on the covers of Maxim, Expedition magazine, and a few other notable platforms. He has also had the privilege of working with Vogue, Ok, anda ton of other famed publications.

Mykyta Poluliakh expressed some gratitude towards his followers on social media who have made him popular. Impressed followers often reposted his works, which caused him to get noticed by worldwide known publications.

I’ve done so many embarrassing mistakes during my journey while chasing easy money. I’ll suggest to keep pushing and believe in yourself, understanding that you’re not alone in this world. Someone is always here for you. So be positive, honest, and give value to others before you expect something in return — People before money. First, give, then receive,” says the photographer, Mykyta.

Mykyta Poluliakh is originally from Ukraine. Feeling called to pursue a different life, Mykyta dropped out of college and began his entrepreneurial journey. At 19, he opened his first tech shop. He has since lived in Bali and now Dubai with his wife of 8 years.

Some of his thoughts and words are captured in the interview below:

Question: What made you famous on social media?

Answer: I’ve been traveling and shooting around the world for luxury properties and tourism boards together with my wife Olena who is a travel influencer. Over time we gained a lot of following by sharing the process and our experiences in different countries and hotels, as well as by turning some of the travel images into artworks and overall making the editing more creative and, at some parts, surreal. Our works got reposted and featured a lot. I’ve shot covers of Maxim and Expedition magazine, as well as worked with Vogue, Ok, and other worldwide known publications. We also were based in Bali for over 3 years and this place got a lot of attention. Now we have moved to Dubai, where all eyes are during 2020-2021. All of it brought us popularity on social media.

Question: Who is your ideal client?

Answer: Creative personalities who love luxury travel: nomads, professionals, and entrepreneurs from around the world. As well as models and photographers who would love to elevate their content creation game.

Question: What was life like before your success and fame as a celebrity photographer?

Answer: Originally from one of the cities in Ukraine. In my second year at college, I dropped out as I didn’t feel like college was for me. I never regretted my decision, as it pushed me into an entrepreneurial journey. I had a small tech shop at the age of 19-20 and a meal replacement brand at 21. I moved to Bali at 22 as I didn’t feel that the Ukrainian mentality suited me much and my goals in life. I also wanted to challenge myself and explore more.

Question: Is there a quote or code that you live by?

Answer: People before money. First, give. Then, receive.

Question: Did you make any embarrassing mistake in the past and you would like to share with your audience as a learning experience?

Answer: I’ve made so many embarrassing mistakes during my journey. I was chasing easy money and lost it all at least twice. I was so broke and depressed that I was asking for help from friends and family. I’ll suggest to keep pushing and believe in oneself, understanding that you’re now alone in this world, someone is always here for you, be positive, honest, and give value to others before you expect something in return.

Question: What’s your hobby and what do you do in your free time?

Answer: After moving from Bali to Dubai I finally could engage more in my hobby which is cars! I drift and race on the track, I also get occasional guest invites to many supercar gatherings here in the city. 

Another one is, obviously, traveling: exploring new cultures, meeting people, challenging myself to broaden and expand my horizons.

Question: What about your dating life, how’s it going

I’m married to the most beautiful, caring, kind, and intelligent woman I know. She’s my first love and we’ve been together for over 8 years. She helps me a lot along my journey and she’s one of the main reasons I’m at this stage of my life now.

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