Cascade Head Music Presents its Picks for Best Vintage Record Players in 2016

Shawn Watson, editor in chief at Cascade Head Music, has published the site’s choices for the top vintage record players of the year.

Playing one’s favorite music in a way popular back in the 60s and 70s has become all the rage again. Vinyl sales are higher than they’ve been in decades, and this demand has also revitalized the record player market. This is why Shawn Watson, the editor in chief for Cascade Head Music, has published a guide that tests and showcases the best vintage record players in 2016.

“We’re currently experiencing a renaissance of vinyl records and record players that doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon,” Watson explained. “Both newcomers and long-established manufacturers are putting out players vastly different in terms of quality, and we feel our readers deserve to know what to expect from such a device.”

The article found on Cascade Head Music serves as a solid starting point for audio enthusiasts and those new to the hobby alike. Watson has tested each vintage record player in a manner of different ways and a handful, some by prominent manufacturers, didn’t prove satisfactory in the end. Those that did make it into the guide are each given attention, their strong suits and shortcomings are commented upon and Watson ends every review on a personal note, giving his professional opinion on whether or not the model in question is a suitable purchase, and if so, for whom. Readers shouldn’t be discouraged from reading the entire guide since it isn’t dominated by technical jargon and contains a great amount of practical information any interested party can appreciate.

After the vintage record players reviews, the guide adopts a more general approach, informing readers on a number of different aspects that come into play when buying such a device, and it is this segment that Watson thinks will prove most important in fostering informed decision-making in his readers. A useful comparison table is included as well, showcasing a number of each product’s main traits in a compact way that makes it easier for the consumer to understand their options.

Cascade Head Music is a site that promotes high-quality products for audiophiles of all kinds. It offers well-researched guides and other articles on various kinds of audio equipment and seeks to cultivate their readers’ understanding of the field at no cost.

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