Candi Rose Launches First Book “Unbroken”, About Surviving Abuse to Become a Real Estate Success

Readers will learn a lot from her experience coming out of nothing to become something. It’s a good read full of motivation, inspiration, and lessons about surviving the troubles of life

Atlanta, GA Candi Rose announces the release of her first book titled, “Unbroken”. It is an autobiography about her life and story, from childhood up until her success in real estate investing.  

The book discusses her early childhood and travails through life as she deals with drugs, social vices, rejection, and depression. It also talks about how she manages to overcome all of this and entering real estate business, eventually becoming financially independent. 

Unbroken is a book for people who are down on their luck and thinking that they can’t become anything meaningful in life anymore. It’s the perfect companion for single parents, people of faith, abuse survivors, and those who’ve been to prison. 

It’s also an excellent reference for self-development, motivation, and inspiration. Readers will also find it uplifting and learn to survive as they cope with abuse, drugs, and so on. People will also learn how to move from a low life into becoming an entrepreneur, going into real estate investing. 

“All of us have a past. Some of us, like myself, have some powerful stories, but everyone has their own story. I believe that the fear of rejection (caused by shame) prevents us from being truly happy in life and causes many to live in a life of misery or life they settled for instead of chasing their dreams. So, here I am, an open book exposing all my skeletons in my closet to the world. The same skeletons that made me hide the real me, out of fear, for more than two decades of my life!” said Candi Rose, author of Unbroken.

Unbroken is the story of how a young lady went through several waves of abuse and struggles like bullying, drugs, drinking, arrests, from the tender age of 19 years. But despite all of the odds, she is still able to stand and make something good out of her life. 

Readers take a ride through a journey of intrigue, suspense, love, rejection, and struggle. As a young person, Rose went through a lot, more than anyone could ever imagine. Her story continues with several incarcerations, being labelled as an ex-felon, surviving abuses, and living the life of a stripper. She later became an unexpected full-time single mom. 

Her life started taking a turn for the better when she began real estate investing. After failing the first time, she went back for the second time with no money, barely without any properties along with a one-year-old baby. She eventually found her way through real estate, becoming a successful agent, now with more than 13 years of experience. 

Candi Rose is open to delivering speeches in religious places and prisons, once COVID-19 subsides. For now, she can do podcasts on life after parole or life after lockup.

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