Canadians’ Home Improvements Can Be Inspired By the Latest 2019 U.S. Renovation Trends

“New findings (see below) from key North American and global organizations in the home improvement industry reveal hot trends. For Canadians looking to renovate, these exciting developments can offer a pool of inspiration, while consumer insights can help”

One thing is for sure: remodelling and renovation activities are not slowing down. A key takeaway from the annual conference led by the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI) suggests that in the context of ever increasing property prices, the aging of homeowners who are choosing to stay in place and the difficulty of property developments in particular areas, more and more people are turning to home improvement companies to improve the look, feel and functionality of their homes.

Some of the design trends that have been consistent throughout include artisanal fixtures and suspended lighting, floral or geometrical patterns and vibrant colours, painted wood floors, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces. In terms of rooms, perhaps the most popular space to upgrade and remodel is the kitchen. Sustainability and having more environmentally friendly homes are also at the helm of home improvements leading to a spike in finished basements and attics, all done using eco building materials.

What do specialists have to say?

Commenting on these trends, a contractor for Basement Finishing Company, a Toronto based home renovation company stated “Improving your home, regardless of reasons and tastes has never been more thrilling and filled with numerous options that we would not even have imagined 10 years ago. We are definitely seeing some common ground with these trends in what our clients are requesting. There is a definite growth in more open space kitchens, stand-alone showers and tubs, and of course, anything related to the ‘connected home’ aspects’.

The risks of under-spending and over-inspiration

‘While it may be tempting to decide some of the renovation can be turned into your very own DYI project, we have to warn Canadians against it. This was actually a specific point made at the HIRI conference. Dubbed the ‘over-inspiration’ trend, over a third of people who finished an improvement project in the past year regret not spending more. They get excited by YouTube videos, social media and magazines that promote all sort of quick, easy and cheap solutions. Which in reality, are neither.’ added the Basement Finishing Company contractor.

He also provided a rough estimate to help Canadians get a better idea of how much they should be spending. For a standard basement (typically 2,000 square feet), homeowners should expect to pay around $25per square foot. Their company offers a great deal where cost reduces as size increases.

About Basement Finishing Company

With a long-standing heritage of over 20 years, Basement Finishing Company has undertaken the mission of providing full and partial home renovations to Canadians across the Greater Toronto Area. Their team offers integrated services including plumbing, electrical and other specialties, as well as counsel with planning and advice on materials and approaches.



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