Cambodia Visa for Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian and Latvian Citizens Can Be Applied Online

Cambodia, a country steeped in rich history, cultural luxury, and breathtaking natural wonders, welcomes global adventurers. Cambodia provides a variety of visa options tailored to diverse global citizens in an effort to facilitate smooth entry and foster international connections. 

Cambodia Visa for Greek Citizens

Greek citizens are required to hold a Cambodian visa. This applies regardless of how long the Czech national intends to stay or the reason for their trip. A Cambodia visa for Greek citizens is easy to obtain instantly. The Tourist Visa allows for a single entry and a maximum stay of one month in Cambodia for travel and pleasure. Once in the country, they can easily request an extension for a second month’s stay.

Cambodia Visa for Indian Citizens

Before submitting the Cambodia e-Visa Application Form, Indian travelers must ensure that they meet the Cambodian visa criteria. For Indian citizens, there are several other visa categories for Cambodia that include extended stays, various travel scenarios, such as business trips, and educational or employment opportunities. Indian citizens must apply for one of these visas at the Cambodian consulate or embassy closest to them.

Cambodia Visa for Irish Citizens

Irish nationals can apply for a Cambodian visa online. Ireland was a founding member of Cambodia’s e-Visa program. Irish citizens enjoy quick and hassle-free entry using the Cambodia e-Visa program.

Finnish nationals can apply for a Cambodia e-Visa online. Cambodia e-Visa is only valid for air and land entry (not sea). Cambodia e-Visa is valid for tourism, transit, and business visits.

Cambodia Visa for Italian Citizens

The approval period for the electronic Cambodian visa for Italian citizens is quite short. Most applicants receive their visas within hours, but it is best to allow for a maximum of four working days just in case. Cambodia visas for Italian nationals can be easily obtained from the comfort of their own homes, particularly if they intend to take brief vacations there. Overseas visitors can quickly obtain their travel authorizations, also known as eVisas, using this online tourist visa.

Cambodia Visa for Latvian Citizens

Candidates must ensure that they meet the Lativian visa criteria for Cambodia before submitting the Cambodia e-Visa Application form. To register for the Cambodia e-Visa, use a regularly checked email account and pay with credit or debit cards. A passport-sized photograph of the passport’s bio page and face that meets Cambodia’s eVisa photo requirements.

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