Brock Flagstad Shares Tips for Effective Marketing in a Digital World

There is a consistent state of motion in today’s digital landscape either we are conscious of it or not. Smart phones and other devices are constantly being upgraded and remodelled to enhance the users’ overall experience. In order to fulfil the popular trends and satisfy consumers’ needs and interests, new apps being released all the time. The most popular application in the world with 350 million users back in 2009 was Facebook. Fast forward to 10 years later, Facebook now has more than 1.6 billion users followed by Instagram with over 1 billion users.

The two applications named above are just two of the many applications that have contributed to transforming our digital landscape and have changed the way that people consume information, become interested in a brand and buy in to a product or service. Social media users are spending an average of two hours and 24 minutes daily, multi-networking across an average of eight social networks and messaging apps as recorded by Smart Insights’ 2020 Global Social Media Research Summary. 

In order to effectively market their products and propel their brand to success, how can marketing professional leverage technology to their advantage? A majority partner of a company based in Chicago, Brock Flagstad has expert knowledge in digital marketing that can help you tackle this challenge.

Content is King

Many consumers are turning to social media and other digital channels for timely and credible information that will help them to make a purchasing decision in this ongoing shift to digitization, Brock Flagstad said.

The contents on the company’s digital channels should be attractive enough to catch the attention of consumers so they can check out product reviews, view competing vendors and read any articles about the company in the media.

So how can marketers acquire the interest and loyalty of these potential consumers? Marketing professionals need to publish regular content on both their website and social media channels. But to be effective, that content should aim to engage, entertain, and inform the consumer. Whether it’s a photo, a video, or a written post, you want it to grab the viewer’s attention and keep them interested until the end.

Get to Know Your Customers

You will need to engage with audience even as you are creating your contents. Brock likened this to friendship which is a two-way street. You need to invest your time in your audience by getting to know them if you want them to invest in your company and purchase your goods and services.

Getting to know consumers is easier than ever with the use of social media. You can offer them a “follow”, like their comments and respond them to their queries in a positive and informative way. This engagement is key to gaining their trust, respect and loyalty. 

Call them to Action

All marketing professionals know about ‘Calls to Action’. But now with this rise in digitization, a call to action is more useful than ever before. Everything you post should serve a purpose, says Brock Flagstad. Do you want your consumer to buy a product? Download material? Watch a demo? Offer their feedback? With a clear call to action, you’re directly telling them what you want in a quick and engaging manner. If you’re hosting a Facebook or Instagram contest that will help to promote your latest product, you can ask your followers to “Like, share and tag a friend for a chance to win”.

Final Word of Advice from Brock Flagstad

When it comes to digital marketing in the modern age, creating engaging content, getting to know your customers and calling your audience to action is not the end of the story. Technology and new digital trends are changing daily as was illustrated earlier. Brock Flagstad noted that the work isn’t over when you employ one strategy. The main objective is to stay relevant by keeping up to date with the newest advancements.

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