Bright Beginnings Academy Adds a New Toddler Program to Both Schools

Bright Beginnings Academy is changing the way they work with toddlers by adding a bridge program to both schools. This new program will allow toddlers between 2 to 3 years old to move up individually as they progress through their milestones.

The toddler programs at both locations, Cherry Hill and Sewell, are designed to aid these very young children in the progression from a supervised play atmosphere to the full structure of the pre-school program. The two years between 18 months and 42 months come with myriad developmental milestones that each child will reach at his or her own pace. While most early childcare centers lump these children in one or two groups by age, this doesn’t allow for the great differences in abilities that can occur from month to month.

Bright Beginnings Academy’s new Toddler Two program will act as a bridge between the Toddler One program, for the youngest toddlers, and the Toddler Three program, for children ready for a structured classroom. By allowing these youngsters to “graduate” to a new class as they advance in skill and/or age, the staff can create programs based on more specific skill levels, and the toddlers also gain a sense of achievement.

The daily schedule of the Toddler Two program will closely follow that of the Toddler One program. Longer time segments for certain activities will build learning and concentration stamina. The curriculum will involve more complex tasks needed to encourage their advancing fine and gross motor skills, and support their briskly improving cognitive skills. Pre-registrations for the new toddler programs are being accepted through the website or in person at either school.

Bright Beginnings Academy provides a developmentally appropriate preschool and kindergarten curriculum that supports each child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth within a serene and safe environment. This new Toddler Two Program is right in line with their philosophy.

Bright Beginnings Academy has served South Jersey – in Sewell & Cherry Hill, NJ – with superior infant day care, child care, preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten instruction for 40 years. The GrowNJ child care centers utilize a rich curriculum, along with technology, to get children excited about learning, starting in their infant room. The children receive daily physical education along with cognitive learning activities, mindfulness programs, and music programs. By introducing this bridge toddler program, Bright Beginnings Academy hopes to set itself apart from other preschools. “We are excited to see how the children thrive in the program, and welcome feedback from all our parents,” says Camille.

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