Royal Innovative is a Turkey-based group company established by entrepreneur Boris Wolfman. Boris Wolfman is a man of many hats, and the company has interests in mineral water, coal & manganese, disposable products iron supplies, Canola oil and fruit. The company works with seamless efficiency despite a large number of verticals involved in the business under a single brand name. The use of the right structured management processes, the reliance on technology to help speed up the processes and the ability to leverage the power of networking has helped Royal Innovative to tap into global markets with ease. The maintenance of consistent quality and the seamless efficiency with which everything progresses makes the company deliver superior quality products at the most competitive prices.

Boris Wolfman has extensive experience in moving bulk requirements across various modes of transport. This continues to help the company in meeting buyer deadlines and requirements. This also helps to keep the costs as low as possible, ensuring that this advantage of lower cost is passed on to all the stakeholders throughout the shipment life cycle. The company is known for operating with the right kind of margins that support everyone involved. With warehouses in various continents and tie-ups with other third-party logistics providers, Royal Innovative has ensured that the quality of products is not compromised due to lack of storage options. Products are maintained in the desired conditions throughout the various stages of shipment movements from the supplier to the buyer.

Boris Wolfman and Royal Innovative have contributed immensely to the production of biofuels by supplying materials used in the manufacturing process. Rapeseed oil is one of the raw materials used in the manufacture of biofuels and the company sources, trades and supplies rapeseed oil to biofuel manufacturers and as an Israeli, Boris Wolfman has helped to bring in the power of technology to the storage and processing requirements. This helps to extend the shelf life of the products despite travelling across continents. The use of natural techniques and technology ensures that the nutrients are sealed within and do not affect the quality of the products.

Royal innovative has experienced great success with the help of Boris Wolfman. The processes used by Royal Innovative and the experience of the team have combined to create seamless business activities. Shipments and all logistic activities are smooth and unhindered primarily due to the fact that the whole process is streamlined and designed to work efficiently.

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