BOC Sciences Recently Introduced Fluorescent Probes for Biological Research

BOC Sciences announced to launch a new product line – fluorescent probes, which allow life science researchers to gain new insights in virtually all sub-disciplines.

New York – February 19, 2019 – As one of the global leading chemical vendors, BOC Sciences announced to launch a new product line – fluorescent probes, which allow life science researchers to gain new insights in virtually all sub-disciplines.

Fluorescent probes, also known as fluorophores, are molecules that respond distinctly to light compared to other molecules. Through a process called fluorescence, fluorescent probes absorb light of a specific wavelength and emit light of a different, typically longer wavelength. Therefore, these molecules can be attached to a target molecule to study biological samples, acting as a marker for analysis with fluorescence microscopy.

“Actually, the use of fluorescent molecules in biological research has become the normal practice in many applications, and their range of use is continually expanding due to their sensitivity, versatility and quantitative capabilities,” says Prof. Barron, a senior scientist from BOC Sciences. “Among their myriad of uses, fluorescent probes are employed to detect protein location and activation, identify protein complex formation and conformational changes as well as monitor biological processes in vivo. Moreover, this representative image is obtained with the aid of immunofluorescence methods.”

Approximately 400 to 500 fluorescent probes are added with this launch. Researchers can browse what they need by different applications: Cell and Organelle Stains, DNA Stains, Fluorescent Enzyme Substrates, Ion Indicators and Sensors, Other Fluorescent Probes, pH Indicators or by different types of fluorophores such as organic dyes, biological fluorophores, quantum dots.

“With the development in fluorescence chemistry and technical discoveries, many different kinds of fluorophores have emerged during the past 100 years, offering greater flexibility in choices for life science researchers. Each fluorophore has its own distinct characteristics, so scientists must carefully decide which one to use for a given application or experimental system,” added Prof. Barron shortly after the press release conference.

Through fluorescent labeling, the process of labeling other biomolecules such as proteins, antibodies, peptides, nucleic acids, ligands, synthetic oligonucleotides with fluorescent molecules, protein dynamics, localization, and protein-protein interactions can be visualized, making it possible to understand protein functions and networks in living cells.

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