Blue Artists podcast focuses on brand protection, explores new SEO services

Enhancements to agency’s DevLab system provides added protection for clients

Brand protection is the topic of the June “Build Your Difference” podcast that was recently released by Maryland-based creative agency Blue Artists, LLC.

“Build Your Difference” is designed to help visionary people build distinguished brands that inspire and engage a growing audience. Each month’s podcast focuses on a different theme such as brand awareness, email marketing, self-publishing, videography, photography or website development. Segments include, news about Blue Artists’ clients and the agency, a feature segment and a segment with a Blue Artists producer.

The June podcast opens with the Client News segment and an announcement from new client Raymond Francis, who is preparing to prelaunch Venus’s Comic Shop at Awesome Con in June 16-18 in Washington, DC. The shop will have a booth in the Exhibit Hall, is a sponsor for Artist Alley and has also donated prizes for the Awesome Con Costume Contest.

In Blue Artists news, the agency has recently launched a trio of new Search Engine Optimization Solutions that allow clients to reach their audiences faster and more frequently through higher rankings. Blue Artists has also made significant improvements to the client DevLab system, including:

  • A new account overview makes it easy for clients to view all of their membership accounts in one place to review credit balances and account details.
  • The new safe, secure Credentials Hub provides clients access to a variety of their extended brand services such as domain providers, email marketing services and social media accounts.
  • Clients now receive one free hour for virtual assistance or web support each month with the assigned work completed within one week.
  • Clients can earn $40 in Bonus Credit by referring new clients. Bonus Credits are automatically applied directly to a client’s outstanding balance. If a client does not have an outstanding balance, the Bonus Credit is applied to the client’s credit line, extending it beyond the membership credit line.

“We’ve enhanced DevLab to be a central hub for everything a client does related to their membership and branding experience,” said Blue Artists producer Pierre Walters. “Clients can now login to access multiple membership accounts using a single login, and everything is conveniently in one place.”

The podcast’s Feature segment features a Q & A about protecting a brand’s intellectual property, while the monthly Producers segment answers a listener question about free and low-cost resources for brands that can’t afford to keep an attorney on retainer.

The “Build Your Difference” podcast is designed to help visionary people build distinguished brands that inspire and engage a growing audience. It is available to Blue Artists’ clients and anyone interested in learning how to build their brand at

The podcast team includes Walters, podcast producer/host Desiree Moodie, content producer Sarah Miller, and host Jim Denison.

Blue Artists is a creative agency that believes strongly in the inspirational power of great stories. They aim to collaborate with amazing people to tell first-rate stories that can shape the future of their brand by inspiring their audience and themselves.

For more information on Blue Artists, visit or find them on Facebook at Blue Artists, LLC.

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