Blockchain Opportunity in Environmental Challenge

Blockchain can be used to proffer solutions to the world’s environmental and sustainability challenges. From climate change, biolife conservation, water security and other environmental problems, blockchain has an innovative role to play. 5ire is a key blockchain solution challenging this problem with their proprietary blockchain technology, 5ireChain. 

Blockchain Opportunity in Environmental Challenge

As blockchain continues to evolve, it has found use cases in fintech, voting, digital identity, health and agriculture. This nascent technology can also be exploited to enable a sustainable environment. Blockchain providers like 5ire are capitalizing on the potential of this technology to develop a blockchain solution that fosters sustainability.

Blockchain in integration with other emerging technologies can facilitate the rebuilding of the environment and make it more life-compatible. More interestingly, the use case of blockchain evolves every day as adoption grows, increasing its potential in making the technology a vital tool for building a sustainable environment.

This emerging technology will innovate solutions in the key areas posing challenges to the contemporary human environment. 

  • Climate Change – Human activities are creating a vicious cycle of events that is driving climate change. The effects of climate change include extreme storms, rising sea levels, increasing temperature and so on. 

  • Biodiversity and Life Conservation – The human hunt for prosperity and civilization is generating counterproductive results. A good example is how deforestation is exposing the land to the mercy of flood, endangering biolife, washing away arable lands and precipitating erosion.  

  • Aquatic Life – From chemical to plastic wastes, the natural composition of the oceans is changing rapidly. According to Weforum, the ocean is responsible for 50% of the oxygen on earth, 16% of all animal protein consumed globally, and houses a myriad of aquatic life, of which 91% of aquatic species are yet to be identified. This throws light on the far-reaching effects of disrupting the natural habitat of aquatic life. 

  • Water Security – By no small extent, fresh water supply drives the world economy. The water available to humans is losing quality as the earth accumulates more waste. A recent post by The Guardian reports the presence of microplastics in the human blood. 

  • Clean air – As the world population grows, most of which migrate to urban areas, more people live in poorly ventilated homes, below the WHO recommendation for air-quality guidelines. This endangers the health of the human population especially in the developing countries. 

  • Disaster Occurrence Relief – Blockchain can help provide immediate relief to people affected by natural disasters. On that same note, the pattern of natural disasters can be monitored and tracked over time. This can help develop a warning system before the occurrence.  

Blockchain solutions have a vital role to play in each of the environmental challenges highlighted above. This includes integrating blockchain into government policies, public-private sector collaboration, responsible investing and incentivization of good practices. Blockchain solutions like 5ire are already deploying real world use cases in tackling these problems. 

On that same note, 5ireChian can be used to monitor activities in each of those areas via a smart device that gathers data from the real world and syncs them with a blockchain. Armed with this data, 5ire can incentivize good practices, monitor activities and ensure transparency. 

5ire is a blockchain ecosystem that is utilizing this technology to build a sustainable environment. Our holistic approach is admired by investors, governments and advocates of sustainability.

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