, the information hub for cryptocurrency launches the ‘The Crypto Dictionary’ the popular website that offers all kinds of information including news, articles, updates, and insights related to cryptocurrency has announced the launch of their new book titled ‘The Crypto Dictionary’. Available in paperback and ebook formats, it provides practical information to the newbies as well as experienced crypto enthusiasts about the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It features acronyms, slang, words, and terms of the crypto industry explained in an easy to understand manner. This book will help readers decipher crypto jargon and help them understand the revolutionary blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

‘The Crypto Dictionary’ will serve as a reference guide to those who are just starting with the crypto world and thinking about investing into it. They can find useful information related to the industry before putting their money into any of the digital coins. The book features all the information in an A-Z format, so every time readers are looking for the meaning of a particular word related to cryptocurrency, they can simply open a particular section/page in the book to find it. Much like its name, the book provides a handy dictionary for the cryptocurrency world.

The world of Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency may be confusing and intimidating to many. While there is an ocean of information available on the internet, not all of it is coming from a trusted source. This book, on the other hand, is created by industry experts who’re already a part of a trusted community like Bitcoin Basix, an informational hub that aims to inform, educate, give insights and provide helpful tools and products to enhance the cryptocurrency experience of the user.

Bitcoin Basix, through its online information hub and the book, strives to assist people in understanding the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Helping people to keep up with the constantly evolving blockchain technology and newly emerging cryptocurrency projects.

After the tremendous rise of the Bitcoin price in the previous year, cryptocurrency has become a mainstream phenomenon and a number of financial experts around the world believe that it is the currency of the future, however, most people struggle to overcome the initial confusion of the new language and terms associated with this new space. Hence the need for The Crypto Dictionary.

For a limited time you can download the entire glossary for free, go to to download your copy now.

‘The Crypto Dictionary’ is available for purchase at or one of these major retailers.

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