Big Data Analytics Redefined: Why Invest In HNA Live?

Big Data Analytics Redefined: Why Invest In HNA Live?
Big Data Analytics Redefined by HNA Live
In this release, one will discover the coming to market of a new era of Big Data Analytics applied specifically to Real Estate and Manufacturing companies and individuals seeking broader and more granular data to expand grow agencies and brands.

Seeking the new era of big data analytics?

Provided one operates professionally in the Real Estate and Manufacturing sectors of the world, and wants to expand and truly take over new territory, expanding agency and brand, one needs access to data, big data, and analytics to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve searched for the answer for years to no avail until we were introduced to HourNationArchive, Inc. aka HNA LIVE.

HNA Live’s big data analytics service is now available for all manufacturing and real estate experts in the United States of America.

HNA Live paints a more complete picture of manufacturing and real estate strategy.

HNA Live’s team of 13 is an experienced multi-generational technology group.

HNA Live is determined to boost technology innovation.

Dedicated to real estate and manufacturing experts’ success, the new era of big data analytics is here, and it is HNA Live’s specialty to make it clear. HNA Live is on the runway at the moment, rapidly growing investment by investment.

“Our ( community equity round is great to have available and it allows anyone to contribute to our growth. No matter their investment amount”, says CEO Cooper Mojsiejenko.

Regardless of one’s experience with big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, HNA Live’s tech innovates the ability to deliver its valuable business insight.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of joining the HNA Live community is their tech team makes sure each real estate and manufacturing customer is ahead of the game at all times, equipped with raw data that nobody else has access to in one’s market.

More data means knowing “where to fertilize the crops” or marketing efforts or expansion efforts because it opens one up to more knowledge of demand and where the market is at for buying and selling and creating winning strategic partnerships.

“HNA Live is ahead of the curve because of its unique ability to visually present big data, optimize processes, and find solutions in two dominant industries.” –  Mitchell Stanitzek, community equity investor.

For a small investment, one can join HNA Live’s community equity raise, provided by WeFunder.

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