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Since its inception, the Este Medical group has been thriving with a significant number of satisfied clients from all over the globe. Este Medical Group has been pushing the boundaries of cosmetics and health care services worldwide for over 25 years. All treatments are provided in a highly professional environment under safe and hygienic conditions via trained and experienced healthcare experts.  

Este Medical Group is thriving to make its mark in providing healthcare and cosmetic treatments across the UK and many other countries under the instructions of Sam Cinkir. Sam Cinkir, the Managing Director of UK-based Este Medical Group, is a leading skin and hair specialist. Sam has also been shortlisted for EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2020.

Currently, there are four branches of Este Medical situated in the UK, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds, and Sutton Coldfield. The Managing director aims to expand the Este Medical by opening the branches in a minimum of 30 cities and towns across the UK within a span of the next five years and eventually build a hospital for surgical needs. All surgeries, hair transplants, and plastic surgeries will be carried out at the Este Medical hospital. The UK branches currently look after non-surgical procedures, whereas another branch at Turkey executes surgical procedures.

It is an award-winning skin, hair, and body treatment clinic. The managing always goes an extra mile to make sure that Este Medical will rise as a brand name soon for cosmetic procedures. The clients coming to Este Medical know well that they will experience the best services with advanced technology guaranteeing effective results.

Sam’s journey:

Until Sam was 10 years old, the Turkish authorities didn’t even know that his family and him existed! Away from the modern world, they lived in a distant rural jungle area of Turkey where seeing a car was synonymous to seeing a UFO landing. And when he came to England, he did every job imaginable. From working in ASDA to cutting onions in restaurants, he did everything. But he could never even dream of this dream: to have the honour to be nominated and then to become a finalist for UK Entrepreneur of the Year. He recommends all to remember to stay focused on their goals, keep working very hard, and be kind to people on the way.

Undeniably, when people think about their appearance, they want to look great because it feels great when someone looks different and amazing. It is like a wonder that people now are more than ever realizing the benefits of non-surgical and surgical cosmetic treatments. Multiple procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers, and laser hair removal can work best on a client’s appearance. It is a misconception about the cosmetic procedures that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are the exact same procedures with just different names. Both are different.

Suppose a client interested in investing in a non-surgical or a surgical cosmetic procedure and looks around for the most trusted experts in Turkey, UK, and the surrounding areas. In that case, Este Medical Group is the one that can be trusted. This group comprising of a team of experts will be able to explain exactly what the procedure involves, the potential effects of the procedure, and the results the clients can expect if they choose to go ahead with it.

The first and foremost benefit of having cosmetic surgery or other treatments from ESTE is the perfect alignment of every client’s natural appearance with their desired appearance. Suppose someone wants to undergo these procedures and cosmetic surgery. In that case, it’s reasonable to assume that they are unhappy with some aspect of their appearance, and they desperately want to change it. Once they have their services, their appearance will change forever, transforming them in an improved version of themselves.

There are multiple benefits of cosmetic surgery or cosmetics procedures in addition to enhancing looks. In some cases, it can enhance the client’s physical health as well. For example, a Rhinoplasty surgery will not only enhance the look and shape of a client’s nose but may also help with underlying respiratory issues that he may have. The same goes for the liposuction procedure that allows patients to be more physically active after its completion. Therefore, this reduces the chances of developing health issues such as increased blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. So, whether it is about looks or health, going for cosmetic procedures is a win-win!

By fixing and altering someone’s appearance according to their wishes, they will automatically have improved self-esteem. This brings wonders and great positivity in the social life and mental health of the client. Being confident in the way people look, makes them feel way better and helps them to perform confidently in every sphere of their life. Gone are the days when a person used to be insecure about his physical appearance. This is one of the best advantages of cosmetic surgery for many patients who have lived their whole life being unhappy with their appearance.

Cosmetic surgery also has numerous psychological benefits. A person is more inclined to socialize when he is confident about his appearance. Some people, unsatisfied with their physical appearance, are entrapped in mental health issues, like anxiety and depression. However, these problems reduce or even disappear entirely after cosmetic surgery procedures. It’s like a huge bonus for many and the key reason that encourages them to proceed with surgery.

The misinformation regarding the pain during cosmetic treatments is one of the main reason that makes people reluctant towards such treatments. The procedures are, indeed, not absolutely painless but not as painful as they are portrayed to be. The recent technological advancements employed by Este bring lesser pain and a greater feeling of assurance.

About the company:

Established in 1994, the Este Medical group has come a long way and has successfully become a worldwide business. Sam Cinkir, the Managing director, joined the Este Medical group back in 2012 in Turkey and successfully opened its first UK-based branch in 2015.

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