Belem Exchange – Global Fund Summit in Singapore

The birth and development of the digital economy has provided a new direction for the development and expansion of global digital currency trading. When the value created and carried by world exchanges begins to grow rapidly, how to ensure that the circulation and exchange of value between crypto asset transactions is reliable? It has become a hot topic in the industry. 

Blockchain provides a solution to this, and it has also attracted the thinking and discussion of academic experts and official institutions around the world. According to mainstream media reports in the industry, Belem Exchange, a top international exchange, is about to start a global offline summit tour to provide a communication platform and professional support for the future development of blockchain.


Belem Exchange’s first Global Fund Seminar Summit, where industry giants gather

The first Belem Exchange Global Fund Summit 2023 was held in Singapore on January 15. As Asia’s crypto financial hub, Singapore has attracted hundreds of crypto exchanges and Web3 companies Cryptocurrency institutions from China, India, and more.


The scale of this event is about 1,000 people. Belem Exchange aggregates global industry experts, including 100+ international investment institutions, the world’s top ten crypto asset exchanges, 300 A number of industry leaders, scholars, cutting-edge project parties, and invited SUSS NiFT, a core member of Singapore’s “Blockchain Ecological Security Alliance”. Speakers at the summit included John Denniston, Partner of Kleiner Perkins Venture Capital Capital, Weng Xiuyan, Vice President of Singapore Guardian Asset Management Limited, Mingchun Shi, Vice President of Huapu Yiheng Capital Limited, and Raymond K, Executive Director of Singapore Viscoda Financial Group, and other industry leading enterprise representatives. 

John Denniston said that the conference will share how cryptocurrencies empower the real economy because of their fair, just and open particularities, and Weng Xiuyan Weng will focus on the issue of “social resource redistribution under cryptocurrencies”. At this global summit, Belem Exchange and thousands of participants discussed the future of global transactions under blockchain from the perspective of global vision of the technological future of blockchain, the development anchor of the digital era, and the change of investment globalization.


Photo: Belem Exchange Global Fund Seminar Summit highlights 

Belem Exchange, explore new opportunities for the development of blockchain exchanges

When blockchain-led transactions begin to be restructured, it means that more new opportunities will emerge for blockchain exchanges. Innovation in the field of digital currency is the most successful practice of blockchain. With the blessing of blockchain technology, digital currency provides great convenience, universality, security and compliance for actual transaction services. 

And the blockchain’s own decentric, tamper-proof talent is also promising in terms of gaming. Belem Exchange technical team said in an exclusive interview, “Blockchain solves the drawbacks of centralization and fundamentally solves the problem of counterfeiting. At the same time, he pointed out that users can trade game assets in blockchain games, and even earn income through trading, which are new opportunities for blockchain mining by global exchanges. 

Belem Exchange, a top exchange, changes the future of finance

When crypto assets ushered in a new pattern of global rage, the booming development trend put forward higher requirements for exchanges. The Blockchain White Paper (2022) proposes that in the future, top exchanges should have the following elements:

Security guarantees

Security is an important cornerstone of the development of the financial industry. Belem Exchange has a top technical team, bringing together the world’s well-known Internet financial venture capital top 500 companies, such as Google, SoftBank, Citi, Goldman Sachs, etc., in high-frequency trading, Extensive experience in security protection and underlying architecture development. 

Rich asset allocation

The exchange’s products should meet the needs of customers and provide diversified investment strategies. Belem Exchange provides global users with one-stop crypto asset financial services such as currency trading, contract trading, C2C, OTC, and asset management to help users make better asset management decisions. 


As a product of financial innovation, crypto assets should adhere to risk prevention and control and financial control. Officially, Belem Exchange holds the US MSB financial license, Singapore MAS license, and Canadian MSB Licenses and other financial regulatory licenses in many countries and regions to fully ensure transaction compliance. 

Ecological platform

Micheal, founder & CEO of Belem Exchange, said, “Blockchain is not only the next generation of Internet technology, but also the next generation of cooperation mechanism and organizational form. Belem Exchange wants to build an ecosystem of cryptocurrency and digital asset trading application platforms. “Under the technology and concept of blockchain, create a diversified multi-chain ecological aggregation platform. 

Moreover, he said that as a top international exchange, Belem Exchange currently has more than 8 million users in 120 countries around the world The global pattern and huge number of users have laid the foundation for listing, and it is expected to be listed this year, realizing the global ecological layout of digital assets and deeply reconstructing the trading world Technological change is reshaping the future of finance. 

Belem Exchange Global Fund Summit Second Leg Preview – Malaysia

The second leg of the Belem Exchange Global Fund Summit will be held in Malaysia. According to Bitcoin News, Malaysia introduced 15 new regulations regarding the cryptocurrency industry back in 2019. Malaysia’s finance minister said the new regulatory measures are aimed at increasing transparency in the industry and raising investor trust levels. 

The Malaysia leg of the Global Fund Summit will be the most important blockchain event in Malaysia, focusing on the field of digital economy, in-depth analysis of the latest applications of technology-enabled trading, cryptocurrency ecological links, cutting-edge development trends and other topics, and creating new transactions in the digital economy.

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