Beauty Supplier Calling On Black Beauty Product Owners to Take Part in Their In-Store Promotion

Expresses commitment to the development and growth of black-owned businesses in the beauty industry

Conyers, Georgia – Queenz and Kingz Beauty Supply announce they are looking for black beauty products owners to come and do in-store promotion of their products. With their unique approach, the company hopes to improve black-owned businesses by showcasing them to consumers. During the promotion, every product owner will be treated with special attention and information about their items will be made available to the public. Everyone is welcomed to come and display what they have and create awareness about their products, within and outside the black community.

“Black businesses have suffered over the years due to stereotypes and other social and cultural effects. Our job at Queenz and Kingz Beauty Supply is to create an avenue for black businesses, in the beauty industry, to get exposure. The beauty industry in America is big, worth billions of dollars, but many black-owned businesses are not taking full advantage of it. With this program, we hope that things will start to take a new turn and more black beauty products owners will have a shot at getting into the mainstream,” said Calandra Williams, a representative of Queenz and Kingz Beauty Supply.

Focusing on black beauty products owners is the priority of Queenz and Kingz Beauty Supply for so many reasons. Black businesses in the beauty industry don’t have as much exposure, compared to the competition. Also, there is a way people respond when they hear about products made by black people or there established businesses. The in-store promotion will give every business participation an opportunity to reach out to more people who may have an interest in their products. Every business that participates will have an equal chance to express themselves, explain their product benefits to customers, and reach a larger audience.

In-store promotion is a powerful marketing tool for any kind of businesses, especially beauty products. It can be used to build customer loyalty as many people that experience the product will want to continue using it. Also, the method gives producers an opportunity to meet with customers in person and have one-on-one interaction. In-store promotions can also help build powerful customers’ list and data that will be useful for executing subsequent marketing strategies.

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