Basketball Star LeBron James\’ Racial Incidence: Dr. Green\’s Piece Unravels the Racial Divide in America

Despite all efforts to eradicate racism in the US, it still exists. Different stereotypes exist around people of different cultures and backgrounds as the labelling, prejudice, and segregation continue. To tackle this phenomenon, Dr. Daryl D. Green has written a sensational article that can help emerging leaders change the ruling racial conditions in the country. And for the purpose has endorsed cultural intelligence.

SHAWNEEE, OK – June 5, 2017 – Even though America denounces racism on the outside, it exists both internally and externally.  Despite the sufferings from its consequences, the important lessons have not been fully learnt.  Dr. Green recognizes this fact and comes up with meritorious arguments and a different approach to shape the society for the better.

In his article, he wisely addresses the young and emerging leaders of the country to whom the future belongs. A future which he hopes will be void of racial segregation and cultural barriers. This he claims can only result from leaders that have a high cultural intelligence (CI).  In fact, leaders with high CI will be an essential skill for global outreach if they want to be effective while breaking down cultural boundaries and countering the ethnocentric pandemic.

Various incidents around the US are testament to the racial divide in it. And as examples Dr. Green in his article points at the segregation in religious institutions and the OJ Simpson trial, among others. The divide is very real and to solve the conundrum of race he asserts that Cultural Intelligence is a crucial part of the puzzle.

This is a judicious article that offers a prudent solution to the youth of the country. Aiming at grooming leaders with the necessary skill set to counter the racial divide, Dr. Green hopes the country can move forward with a better understanding about cultural diversity and fairness for all people without focusing on the negative stereotypes of others.

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In 2016, he retired from the federal government as a senior program manager.  Dr. Green has spent more than 20 years helping organizations and thousands of individuals make good decisions through his lectures, seminars, and columns.

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