Basic Invite Unveils Addition of Stellar Design Templates to Announcement Invitation Cards Section

Utah, USA – As an independent online stationery business, Basic Invite, has enjoyed an overwhelming success at the hands of satisfied clients who appreciate the little things in life. The company recently added a flurry of custom design templates, personalization options and ready-to-order packages in its “Occasion Announcement” category of invitation cards. Customers can now look forward to spending time with their loved ones by sending them special invitations with a resounding effect.

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Because There’s an Announcement for Everything In Life!

The creative heads at Basic Invite are a handful of talented graphics experts who have a passion and drive for reassuring online customers that no event is small to pass up on, to forget or to ruin over a batch of subpar invitations. As a result, online visitors at the special announcements invitations section of the company’s web-store can sift through a multitude of stellar templates to choose from.

Whether it is an invitation announcing the addition of a little guy or girl in a loving family, or an announcement of two souls stepping into a blissful relationship, or a graduation convention etc. – Basic Invite has just the perfect card for the perfect occasion.

First time visitors at the company’s website have reportedly appreciated the continuous addition of versatile pre-designed card templates and accompanying envelopes that match the theme of the order in question.

More so, since Basic Invite overlays a range of customization options which visitors can fiddle with to add sentimental value to their individual orders, it couldn’t get better than this. The founders of this internet based stationery business strongly believe in value and commitment. “Seeing is believing” is the age old mantra at Basic Invite, which implies that customers not only get to design their own cards, or choose from existing colorful themes to see a finished version of what the end product may look like.

This is to ensure quality and satisfaction altogether; the standards which this business is recognized for in highly competitive stationery services market. At no point during or beginning of the order a customer is cajoled into either making an advance payment, or limited to revise his/her order for further amendments this is what makes the process of creating an announcement invitation card a fun and interesting ordeal to begin with. 

Basic Invite is expected to venture into other areas of online stationery products with a categorical approach to a new range of items and accessories. Since its inception in 2006, the company has relied on introducing new and innovative solutions to offering a self-service business model with an innovative twist. So much so that customers and large scale clients can enjoy the benefit of getting by with ‘Truly Custom Invitations’ for any once-in-a-lifetime event.

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About Basic Invite:

Based in the suburbs of St. George Utah – U.S., Basic Invite is an online stationery business with a penchant for quality and customer satisfaction. The company was founded in 2006, and has earned its respect with a hands on approach to giving a totally new, and genuine, interpretation to Truly Customized Invitations for any special day, event or occasion. 

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