Babylingo Inc launches mobile foreign language learning app on iTunes

Babylingo Inc announces the launch of its new foreign language learning app for kids, Babylingos, on iTunes

Babylingos by Caroline Brin is a new app launched on iTunes by Babylingo Inc. The app is designed to help kids of ages 6 months and above to learn foreign languages with relative ease. Launched on iTunes, the mobile app is available for users of iOS devices, enabling their children to learn the basic concepts of a foreign language that include alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes at 3.

Kids start learning how to speak and perform other activities from six months, getting to the peak of the learning skill at 3 years. The developers of Babylingos have therefore considered this to create an app that makes the learning process fun and effective.

The app is particularly great for kids, allowing toddlers to learn a new language – Spanish and English with a fresh brain and mind, making it a lot easier for them to grasp the language. Studies have revealed that 80 percent of the brain has already been developed at the age of 3.

It has also been discovered that kids lack the opportunity to learn another language, even as this is the best time for them to learn. Babylingos Inc is therefore bridging this gap by providing an app that makes it easier to learn a new language at a tender age.

The app will not only help tots learn a second language, but will also help in enhancing global communication for new generations. The app is fun, easy and convenient to use, especially for parents to teach their tots. This makes it a particularly great learning tool, especially as the brain has the ability to retain information twice as fast at this early age.

Babylingo is available on the iOS app store and can be used on smart mobile devices and tablets. The app is user-friendly, safe, ad-free, and comes with hands-on control and incentives/stimulation to keep attention of the user for guaranteed learning.

With technology making the world somewhat smaller by the day, it has become increasingly imperative to learn and speak more than one international language. Therefore, people now look for ways of learning languages other than their mother tongue. The task of learning a new language particularly at an adult age is not the easiest. This makes Babylingos one of the best mobile apps that are currently on the iOS app store.

Babylingos is already receiving accolades from users. “Very straight forward and it’s very easy for my kid to use,” says Internetgodinc.

The app is available for $2.99 and more information about the app can be found on the developer’s website.

About Babylingo Inc.

Babylingo Inc was founded by Caroline Brin and the company recently announced the launch of its debut mobile app, Babylingos. The app is designed to help kids and toddlers learn a new language with ease and fun.

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