Azalea Outdoor Advocates for the Continued Relevance of Billboard Advertising in Augusta GA

Azalea Outdoor Advocates for the Continued Relevance of Billboard Advertising in Augusta GA
Azalea Outdoor offers a multiple billboard advertising types and locations.
Azalea Outdoor, the prominent local provider of outdoor advertising in Augusta, GA, underscores the statistical relevance of billboard advertising and encourages businesses to make it an integral part of their 2024 marketing strategy. With over 175 advertising displays in the greater CSRA/Augusta area, including static and digital billboards as well as LED displays, Azalea Outdoor offers diverse options to accommodate the budget and advertising needs of businesses of all sizes.

In an era dominated by digital marketing, the enduring impact of outdoor advertising, especially billboards, remains statistically significant. Azalea Outdoor notes the following studies that suggest that billboard advertising remains a valuable choice for businesses:

High Visibility: According to industry reports, over 70% of consumers frequently look at roadside billboards. The high visibility of billboards ensures that businesses can capture the attention of a vast audience.

Effective Reach: The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) notes that billboards reach more people per dollar spent compared to TV, radio, and newspapers. This makes billboard advertising a cost-effective means of achieving broad market reach.

Consumer Recall: Studies indicate that billboard advertising contributes to strong brand recall. Consumers often remember the messages displayed on billboards, making it a powerful tool for building brand awareness.

Local Impact: For businesses targeting a local audience, billboards offer unparalleled local impact. Azalea Outdoor’s extensive network of displays in the CSRA/Augusta area ensures businesses can effectively connect with the local community.

Why Billboard Advertising Should Be Part of a 2024 Marketing Plan

Azalea Outdoor encourages businesses to include billboard advertising in their 2024 marketing plan for the following reasons:

Targeted Exposure: Billboards provide businesses with the opportunity to strategically position their messages in high-traffic areas, ensuring targeted exposure to their desired audience.

24/7 Visibility: Unlike other forms of advertising, billboards are visible 24/7, offering continuous exposure to potential customers.

Flexible Options: Azalea Outdoor’s diverse range of static and digital billboards, as well as LED displays, caters to businesses with varying budgets and advertising needs, providing flexibility and customization.

Proven Effectiveness: The longevity and effectiveness of billboard advertising are supported by a wealth of statistical data, making it a reliable and proven marketing strategy.

“Billboard advertising remains a formidable force in the marketing landscape. As we step into 2024, businesses should recognize the statistical relevance of billboards and consider them an essential component of their marketing plans,” says Chris Withers, president of Azalea Outdoor.

To explore the diverse billboard advertising options offered by Azalea Outdoor and discover the impact it can have on a business’s marketing strategy, visit

Azalea Outdoor is a leading provider of billboard advertising in Augusta, GA, offering over 175 advertising displays, including static and digital billboards and LED displays. With a commitment to providing effective and flexible outdoor advertising solutions, Azalea Outdoor helps businesses of all sizes connect with their target audience. For more information, visit

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