Avena Sativa Extract Protein Peptide Powder

Avena Sativa Extract Protein Peptide Powder


Avena sativa is oats. Our oats peptide is taken from high-quality naked oats and refined through modern bioengineering methods such as composite enzyme gradient directional enzyme digestion technology, membrane separation, purification, instant sterilization, spray drying and other processes.

Oats have a significant effect on reducing low-density cholesterol and also have a certain effect on increasing serum high-density cholesterol, with a very significant effect on lowering blood lipids. Oats are also widely used in other industries, such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Glucan has a good moisturizing effect and is often used as an ingredient in cosmetics. Oat is still a food base rich in cellulose.


Product Name  Avena sativa protein peptide
Appearance  Faint yellow water-soluble powder

Material Source

 Shelled Oats

Protein Content


Peptide Content


Technology Process

 Enzymatic hydrolysis

Molecular Weight


Packing 10kg/Aluminum foil bag, or as customer requirement
OEM/ODM Acceptable
Certificate  FDA;GMP;ISO;HACCP;FSSC etc
Storage  Keep in a Cool and Dry Place, avoid direct sunlight 

What is peptide?

A peptide is a compound in which two or more amino acids are connected by a peptide chain through condensation. Generally, no more than 50 amino acids are connected. A peptide is a chain-like polymer of amino acids.

Amino acids are the smallest molecules and proteins are the largest molecules . Multiple peptide chains undergo multi-level folding to form a protein molecule.

Peptides are bioactive substances involved in various cellular functions in organisms. Peptides have unique physiological activities and medical health care effects that original proteins and monomeric amino acids do not have, and have triple functions of nutrition, health care, and treatment.

Small molecule peptides are absorbed by the body in their complete form. After being absorbed through the duodenum, the peptides directly enter the blood circulation.


(1) Beauty and skin rejuvenation

(2) Enhance immunity

(3) Oats are rich in oat polysaccharides, which can monitor weight and regulate the intestines

(4) Reduce blood sugar and blood lipids


(1) Health product

(2) Cosmetics

(3) Nutritional supplements


Middle-aged and elderly people, vegetarian people, sub-healthy people, beauty people

Recommended intake

For maintenance above aged 18, 5g/day

Specification Sheet

Specification of Oats peptide powder

(Liaoning Taiai Peptide Bioengineering Technology Co., Ltd )

Product Name: Oats peptide powder

Batch No.: 20230928-1

Manufacturing Date:20230928

Validity: 2 Years        

Storage: Keep in a Cool and Dry Place, avoid direct sunlight                  

Test Item                     Specification                        Result
molecular weight:                  /                            10%


Peptide Content                  ≥3%                            >9%

Appearance           Faint yellow water-soluble powder             conform to                    

Smell                      Characteristic                        conform to   

Taste                      Characteristic                        conform to

Moisture(g/100g)                ≤7%                             4.05%

Ash                           ≤7%                             1.7%

Pb                            ≤0.9mg/KG                        negtive  

Total bacterial count             ≤1000CFU/g                      <10CFU/g    

Mould                          ≤50CFU/g                       

Coliforms                        ≤100CFU/g                       <10CFU/g   

Staphylococcus aureus           ≤100CFU/g                        <10CFU/g  

Salmonella                      negtive                          negtive            

Molecular Weight distribution:

Test Results


Peptide molecular weight distribution


Molecular weight range






Peak area percentage

(%, λ220nm)






Number-average Molecular Weight






Weight-average Molecular Weight





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