Author Shares Decades of Experience in New Book “Teaching Children with Special Needs” – A Must-Read for Educators and Parents

New Book by Esthus Lofton, Teaching Children with Special Needs, Offers a Fresh Perspective on Education for Special Children.

Esthus Lofton, a retired special education teacher with over five decades of experience, has released a new book titled Teaching Children with Special Needs, available now on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

The book offers a new perspective on education for special children, focusing on their strengths and abilities rather than their deficits. Drawing on his extensive experience working with students with a wide range of learning needs, including autism spectrum disorder, Lofton offers practical guidance and innovative techniques for parents and caregivers.

I believe that all children, including those with special needs, have the right to receive an education. Education is a fundamental human right, and denying any child access to education can have long-lasting negative impacts on their development and well-being. Children with special needs may require additional support and accommodations to learn effectively, but this should not prevent them from accessing education. It is the responsibility of governments and societies to provide resources and support to ensure that children with special needs have equal opportunities to learn and thrive. – Writes Lofton in his debut book.

Teaching Children with Special Needs emphasizes the importance of tailored education plans, ongoing assessment, and collaboration between parents, educators, and other professionals. Lofton highlights the value of group lessons, co-curricular activities, and technology as tools for educating special children. He stresses the need for thoughtful, individualized approaches that consider each child’s unique needs and abilities.

Lofton’s book has already garnered praise from educators, parents, and advocates in the field of special education. One reader noted, “This book offers a refreshing perspective on education for special children. It provides practical guidance for parents and caregivers, and emphasizes the importance of recognizing each child’s unique strengths and abilities.”

Teaching Children with Special Needs is a valuable resource for anyone seeking to improve outcomes for students with disabilities and special learning needs. It is available now on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

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