Author Renee’s Book ‘Veggy & Fruity’ Launched in Three Languages

USA – Author Renee van Turenhout has launched a book for children in three languages. Her book Veggy & Fruity is gaining popularity around the world. She writes Veggy & Fruity to make a difference in the lives of the children and parents to create a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, a free app will be available soon for children to read the Book while playing some fun and interactive games.

Through the book, she has drawn the attention of the children to develop healthy eating habits. this is a special book for children that have used wonderful drawing and amazing characters to engage children. Very simple, and easy to understand sentences and child-friendly characters are used to convince children to eat healthily and grow healthy. 

Through the book, children will Join the sibling Veggy & Fruity on their adventure and discover how strong you become by trying and eating healthy and delicious foods. Nutritious food is one of the requirements to defeat wasting and stunting. Meet Auntie Mell and their friends Candy and Cookie, as they will go on adventure and experience lots of fun, join them as this magical adventure unfolds.

The book is translated into three different languages including English, Spanish, and Dutch to promote a healthy lifestyle and create healthy eating patterns among children across the world.

Veggy & Fruity serve the purpose of healthy children, this children book is also helpful for the parents to learn how to develop nutritious based eating habits among children. Nutritious food one of the requirements to defeat wasting and stunting. A healthy eating pattern will help children boost their learning abilities and maintaining their energy level and improving their self-esteem. Renee has covered all these concepts in her book Veggy & Fruity in a very attractive way. The book is available on Amazon in English, Spanish and Dutch languages.

While sharing her journey about the book, Renee said that she “collected a lot of knowledge about health from her profession and she worked with this every day in her practice. It started when her kids were small, from her passion for healthy living, she was always busy with healthy eating and cooking with her kids. But at one point, she was struggling, probably not as the only parent, with certain healthy foods for her kids to eat.”

She remembers as friends or family came over and gave the kids their food, they were more willing to try and at that point, her mind started being creative and she started to work on her first children’s book about healthy food. But she wanted it to be different, it had to be appealing for little children to read it and that they could connect with the characters in the book. This way if they didn’t want to eat or try to eat the healthy food, she wanted them to eat, she could always refer to Veggy, Fruity, or one of their friends, about how they always tried to eat things first before saying no to it.

This helped her in her journey with raising her children with healthy food and without struggling too much with their eating patterns. She always believed, “the younger they are and taste all kinds of foods the easier it will be for them in the future to eat healthy food”.

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