Sums Up the Signs Telling You’re Having a Crush

“Popular Online Communication Platform” has made an online survey with its members recently – How to tell you’re having a crush when you’re online communicating with others? And it sums up the final results which would help those members getting involved.

Feeling is really personal and private. Last month, invited some of its members to complete an online survey – How to tell you’re having a crush towards others? The invited members expressed their knowledgeable and interesting insights on this topic. Based on their feedbacks, AsiaMe sums up three important points listed as below so as to help members getting involved clearly see their hearts.

Firstly, when you’re online interacting with another member by Video Chat or Camshare, your face turns red unconsciously. Biology speaking, it is the Adrenaline working. Seeing someone who gets you excited can boost the adrenaline so you might feel hot and the blood circulation in your body becomes faster. And you may also feel a rapid rise of your body temperature and think to yourself: ‘Oh, why is it so hot?’.

Secondly, your heart beats faster. And it’s all because of chemistry in your brain. While feeling pressure, the chemistry like Cortisol and Dopamine will be released so you would suddenly become happy out of no reason. It is like taking a plunge in cold water. Once you get into it, you begin to feel anxious knowing there are chances to make things happen.

Moreover, you lost the control of your mind. Unlike the usual days, you have a clear plan on what to do as the next step. Now things in your brain get twisted and finally, become a mess. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get them straight. The person you are thinking of is like pop-up ads, he or she pops up from time to time and lingers on your mind for the next 15 minutes. And trust us, you can never get away from this.

But what’s the remedy of the sickness? We suggest you take a step forward, otherwise you have to bury your secret in the deep bottom of your heart. However, the latter choice might be tough. Anyway, you guts won’t lie. So maybe for this time, be a brave person and take a shot?

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