As More Countries Embrace Renewable Options Solar Street Light Manufacturer Sees Significant Growth

Even amid the pandemic worldwide, there is an expansion in environmental consciousness and advances. Among the improvements gaining rapid traction is energy-efficient city infrastructure. For example, cities aim to lower their carbon footprint by replacing outdated incandescent-style city lighting with new all-inclusive solar streetlights. In addition, governments are implementing initiatives and investments globally to boost the use of green energy. As a result, the solar street light manufacturer market will likely see a compound annual growth rate of around 17% over the next five years. 

A spokesperson explained: “Climate change is reaching a pinnacle, and with the impacts being felt through things like mega-fires, unprecedented storms, and extreme temperatures, people are putting more pressure on their leadership to make real change. Because lighting is a significant portion of energy usage around the world, it just makes sense to take that strain off the grid and switch to solar street lights.”  

There are two primary types of solar street lights used in city and government upgrades. The first option is grid-tied lights. However, grid-tied streetlighting is becoming less and less popular as solar street light manufacturing advances and can offer effective off-grid options. Stand-alone solar-powered streetlights, on the other hand, give governments more options. These units house their own batteries and solar panels, meaning they can be placed almost anywhere. 

All-inclusive streetlights are highly popular for areas that are generally off the grid.  Cities are taking advantage of all-in-one lighting units to offer safer public spaces like parks where traditional grid-based lighting can be more challenging to install. 

“The cost of trying to include rural areas in lighting can be enormous if there isn’t already access to the electrical grid. All-in-one solar street lights are a much more affordable way to get the same results. The long-term benefits and effectiveness of switching from traditional lighting to solar units pay off for the environment and city budgets.” Added a spokesperson. 

Rural or remote destinations are popular locations for stand-alone solar street lighting. The off-grid option can bring light to areas that otherwise would be far too expensive to upgrade. For example, formerly dark roads or intersections outside of city limits can be made significantly safer for drivers with solar lights. Rural trails and hiking areas can also be made more secure when lighting is installed; it’s been shown over and over crime rates go down in well-lit areas.  

Solar street light manufacturers are rising to meet the increased global demand for quality renewable lighting for both city and rural needs.

About Clodesun

Clodesun is a modern advanced technology company that combines solar research and development with production and sales. They have placed energy-efficient solar streetlights all around the world. They offer all-in-one units which means they can be placed in areas outside of the typical electrical grid. With over eight years of production experience, their company has tested and ensured they use the highest quality components in every solar street light unit.

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