ArtnSmart Announces New Arabic Version of Children’s Games

Children’s learning website, ArtnSmart has now relaunched with a new Arabic version of their widely popular children’s educational games series, Rabbit House.

Tel Aviv, Israel Children’s educational games are growing increasingly popular with parents because of their power to educate while also entertaining. Israeli educational game, Rabbit House has been a free resource for parents to utilize for their child’s advancement for over seven years. Until recently the games were only available in Hebrew. ArtnSmart has just relaunched the series in Arabic to enable all Israeli children to make use of their program.

“We believe that all children should have access to what they need to thrive,” says ArtnSmart director Tsofi Kalkuda. “Educational programming for children not only improves their skills but also offers children fun and frivolity. Rabbit House has been incredibly successful in improving the skills of young learners and this move to having an Arabic-based program is a great moment for children in Israel.”

The new free Arabic program will be available for children in schools, hospitals, and other environments. Arabic speaking children will now have the opportunity to develop cognitive skills, as well as, letters, numbers, animals, and colors. Children will learn about the two rabbits Gulu and Gula as they traverse the scope of learning adventures. “We believe that it is essential to childhood development that kids be exposed to whimsy and opportunities for creativity,” says Tsofi K. “This is why we do what we do. Helping kids grow is what we’re all about.”


ArtnSmart is a children’s educational organization that focuses on creative learning experiences to enhance childhood development and cognitive learning. The organization strives to provide free resources for children and to develop more interactive learning options for pre-school and school aged children. 

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