Artistic Vision Meets Sporting Excellence: Sergey Kir Completes Commission Work for MatchPoint NYC Sports Complex

Sergey Kir’s exclusive series elevates Matchpoint NYC’s luxury experience.

MatchPoint NYC, the leading club for sports enthusiasts, has recently commissioned artist Sergey Kir to create an art series of works that captures the essence of the luxurious lifestyle in Monaco, New York, Miami, and Aspen. The idea was to provide clients and members of MatchPoint NYC club with ideas and inspiration to work towards their own success and achievements and create a sense of belonging and exclusivity within the sports club community.

MatchPoint NYC has multiple locations, boasts state-of-the-art tennis, swimming, gymnastics, and other sports facilities, and has earned a reputation as a premier sporting destination in New York. The addition of Kir’s stunning artwork elevates the club’s atmosphere and gives members a glimpse into the opulent lifestyles in the world’s best destinations.

Kir is a rising star in the art world, with his works held in multiple collections and museums. His unique approach to capturing the essence of his subjects has made him a highly sought-after artist, and his ability to convey different ideas and visions of his patrons made him a great choice for MatchPoint’s commission.

“We are thrilled to have Sergey Kir’s artwork grace the walls of our club,” said MatchPoint’s CEO Numrud Nino Muhatasov. “We know our members will be inspired by his work every time they visit our facility.”

“I am honored to have worked with MatchPoint club’s owner, Nino Muhatasov, on this commission. His commitment to providing top-of-the-line facilities for sports enthusiasts is unparalleled, and I am thrilled to have been able to contribute to that mission by bringing Mr. Muhatasov’s inspirational visions to life in the exclusive art series of works I made for the club. I look forward to seeing my art inspire and delight MatchPoint’s club members for years to come.”

Fashionable TrendPremiere sports brands like MatchPoint, as well as other major fashion and technology brands, often collaborate with artists and incorporate art into their products to promote and enhance their brand image.

Here are some examples:

LV x Jeff Koons collaboration: In 2017, LV collaborated with renowned artist Jeff Koons to create a limited-edition collection of bags, scarves, and accessories.

Gucci x Dapper Dan: In 2017, Gucci collaborated with Harlem-based designer Dapper Dan to create a collection inspired by his iconic designs from the 1980s.

Prada Fondazione: Prada has its own art foundation, the Prada Fondazione, which aims to promote contemporary art and culture.

Apple x Jeff Koons: Apple collaborated with Jeff Koons to create a line of iPhone cases featuring Koons’ artwork. • Adidas x Pharrell Williams: Pharrell Williams, a popular artist, collaborated with Adidas to create a line of sneakers and apparel.

Such collaborations can help promote the brands as creative, innovative, and culturally aware while also showcasing their unique styles and creating strong emotional connections with their audience. In addition, such collaborations can generate excitement and buzz around the products and services and increase consumer interest and loyalty.

For artists, collaborating with sports, fashion, and other brands can provide greater exposure, creative opportunities, social impact, and professional development. These benefits can help artists expand their reach, develop their skills and networks, and create meaningful and impactful work.

The completed commission work is already been unveiled for the enjoyment of MatchPoint’s members and visitors.

About Sergey Kir

Sergey Kir is an innovative artist who has created his own remarkable,new art style, which was coined “Conceptivism.” An ambitious approach to painting, Conceptivism synthesizes technology, art history, and analytical methods adopted from quantitative finance.

Sergey Kir’s compositions are planned using computer algorithms with strongphilosophical messages. Kir has exhibited his diverse body of works in various galleries and shows, with his creations gracing both private and corporate collections.

In a groundbreaking move, Kir recently introduced the “Art Your Journey” campaign, which he presented at the art exhibitions held on fashion runways in collaboration with leading fashion brands (EX) Teasy Lingeire and Donny’s Angel. This innovative fusion of Art and Fashion and a new way to showcase art on the vibrant runway as opposed to a mostly empty gallery earned widespread critical acclaim, capturing substantial interest and a viral response across platforms like YouTube and other social media channels.

Sergey Kir is scheduled for an art retrospective in the prestigious Canvas 3.0 gallery in the World Trade Center in NY on February 22nd.

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