Artist Memoir Boy Dreamer by Paul Ecke to Have Screenplay Penned by Actor Screenwriter Jacob Kyle Young

Actor and screenwriter Jacob Kyle Young just penned an agreement to turn Paul Ecke’s book, Boy Dreamer: An Artist’s Memoir of Identity, Awakening, and Beating the Odds into screenplay for 2020 production. According to Young, “A friend recommended Paul Ecke’s book and after reading his inspirational life story I reached out to Paul. His journey is meant to be seen on the silver screen to his inspirational message to a wide audience. It is an honor and privilege to bring Boy Dreamer to life by writing the screenplay and producing the feature film.”

Boy Dreamer starts in 1957. Four-year-old Paul Ecke sits timidly at a foreign kitchen table, eating the first inferior meal of many in a foster home. Longing for his beloved mother, he sees her only on short weekend visits that grow more infrequent over time, as she tries unsuccessfully to hide a nervous breakdown, along with yet another growing pregnancy. Struggling to endure the strict rules of the house and the coldness of his foster parents, Paul begins to live in his creative mind where everything is possible and the grandest of dreams take flight. Despite–or perhaps because of–the emotional angst, complicated sexual identity issues, and deep loss he experiences, Paul cultivates a profound gift of creative genius. Boy Dreamer is a moving and ultimately triumphant story of a man who discovers his truth and courageously lives it, in a life brimming with love, art, gratitude, and beauty.

Ecke’s is thrilled to have Young author the screenplay sharing, “After speaking with Jacob Kyle Young on several occasions about the possibility of him writing the screenplay of my memoir I became very enthusiastic about working with him on this project. His energy and passion for my work and his knowledge of the industry have led me to my resolve to pursue this endeavor with him. Jacob is very creative and innovative. I appreciate his understanding of my work and his vision for delivering a remarkable screenplay.”

Jacob Kyle Young, a screenwriter, actor, screenwriter, producer, and world-class athlete, has seen a dramatic rise in the entertainment industry over the past three years since arriving from Texas. Young, in his mid-twenties, and has three viral Amazon Prime short films including The Descendants, Get Over It, and Take the Shot. Young is attached to several major motion pictures currently in pre-production, including two of which he authored the screenplays.

Jacob Kyle Young has more than a half-million followers on Instagram: jacobkyleyoung and can also be found on the following social media outlets including Twitter: @jacobkyleyoung and YouTube: Jacob Kyle Young.

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