Apply for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to Travel to Canada online through Canada Visa Online

Due to Canada’s liberal visa policy, citizens of a great number of countries can enter the country without first obtaining a visa. As a direct consequence of this, visitors are exempt from the requirement that they submit their visa application in person at the Canadian embassy located closest to their current location. However, if they are flying to Canada, they are required to obtain an ETA for Canada before they leave the country.

Canada visa for Japan Citizens

The visitors do not need a visa to enter Canada if they are Japanese citizens and plan to stay in that country for a period of time that is less than six months. However, they are needed to submit an application for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Canada prior to departing the country if their travel plans include flying there. They can get electronic authorization by making a purchase online via

Canada visa for South Korea Citizens

Canada doesn’t have the typical visa requirements for South Korea. So, only South Koreans with a temporary passport, who live there but aren’t citizens, or who have refugee status will need to go to the Canadian embassy to get a different kind of Canadian visa by using the passport they already have. The Canada eTA can be used by South Koreans who have full citizenship. The electronic travel authorization for citizens of South Korea is designed for travellers who are going to Canada for the following reasons: Short tourism, medical treatment, business purposes, etc.

Canada visa for Latvia Citizens

Those who are citizens of Latvia who wish to travel to Canada for a stay of fewer than six months can do so with simply an eTA through To enter Canada, citizens of Latvia, among the countries that don’t require a standard embassy, can do so without one. Those tourists who intend to remain in Canada for longer lengths of time, as well as those who are interested in pursuing long-term employment or finishing their academic degrees, are required to make contact with the embassy of Canada.

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